3" Antique Silver Drawer Pull - 5 Pack

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The 3” Antique Silver Drawer Pull- 5 Pack

Home decoration trends are changing with the paradigm shifting from the expansive items that occupy more space to the simple yet finer details that the eye tends to notice when you step into any living space. A nice example is the application of antique drawer pulls; an intricate way of pay homage to the past while scoring a touch of elegance to your dwelling. Though most of these drawer handles are used on antique furniture, people are beginning to incorporate the style into their bathrooms, kitchen and other sections of the living area to bring out that classical feel.

About the Product

The 3” Antique Silver Drawer Pull is a versatile piece of equipment that is designed in a modern and unique style to give the space you occupy that sleek appearance. It is used on the cabinet drawers, hairdressers, bathroom, kitchen, furniture, closets, etc. that are found in houses, RVs, small homes to the large apartment complexes; to generally help in functionality and as a form of décor.

Product Features

As the name suggests, the product comes in a pack of 5. The silver finish is easily noticeable on the drawer handles that have straight, smooth and well-defined edges. When polished, it leaves a shiny surface that will lighten up your living space in a unique way while complementing all the colors around. Zinc is used in the manufacture of the handle to guarantee strength and durability while at the same time gives you that firm grip while holding the equipment.

The dimensions on the 3” Antique Silver Drawer Pull include a 3-inch center to center length stemming from its name and an overall length of 3 5/8" which is just enough for easy and comfortable handling when opening and closing your chest or cabinet drawers. The package, however, does not include screws which you’ll have to buy separately and screw them on either end of the pull before fixing into the drawers.

The 3” Antique Silver Drawer Pull is a relevant household tool you will want to have around, especially if you are in the process of replacing or upgrading the general outlook of your living space. It offers improved functionality and a trendy way to decorate that any interior designer would be impressed by.


  • 5 drawer handles included
  • Color: antique silver
  • Material - zinc
  • Dimensions center to center: 3 inch
  • Overall Length: 3 5/8"
  • *Screws not included
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