27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels

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  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
  • 27 Gallon RV Portable Holding Tank with 4 Wheels
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There are many challenges that come with the privilege of traveling and camping in your RV. Just like in an ordinary house, you have to take care of certain things and certain chores that need to be done. One of these things that need doing is emptying your RV wastewater holding tank! All that water you use up when bathing, washing hands and dishes, and using the toilet has to go somewhere after all! However, it can be a royal pain in the rear end to have to take your entire RV over to a dumping station just to empty out your holding tank. That is where RecPro and our 27-gallon portable waste tank can help!

bayonet fitting

Our portable waste tank lets you easily transport the wastewater from your holding tank to a proper disposal area without needing to move your RV around. Our portable waste tank is ready to use out of the box and contains everything you need to empty your holding tank. Our 26lb portable waste tank is designed to be compact and easy to use and to make the whole process of emptying your tank far easier.

wheelOur 27-gallon waste tank is constructed out of polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer material with several important properties. This material is used in countless applications worldwide because it is both tough and flexible. Polypropylene material has a few other properties that make it quite valuable; it is resistant to heat, wear, and harsh chemicals. All in all, this material gives your portable waste disposal tank a significant amount of durability. On the bottom of the tank are four rugged rubber wheels that allow you to easily transport and maneuver this tank wherever you need to take it. However, this tank can only handle a maximum speed of 5mph.

hose storageFurther helping to increase this portable waste tank's lifespan is the storage compartment for its included components. This compartment is used to store the heavy-duty hose, the universal bayonet fitting, the cap, and the 90-degree elbow nozzle when they are not in use. That way, these components do not become lost or damaged when not in use.

hitchOur grey 27-gallon portable waste tank is designed to make disposing of your wastewater more convenient and has several features that help it achieve that goal. The built-in extendable handle is one of these features. It is connected to the two front wheels of the tank to allow easier maneuvering and can even be attached to a trailer hitch. The handle can be folded underneath the tank for easier storage when not used.

gaugeOur portable waste tank is equipped with an AutoStop level gauge, which prevents you from overfilling the tank. Overfilling can be pretty messy, repulsive, and unsanitary! The venting port of the tank offers improved venting of the tank, which results in faster emptying of the tank. This feature is not only helpful in getting rid of your waste, but it is also helpful for rinsing out the tank after using it, especially with the large port opening.


Maximize your enjoyment with your RV by minimizing the chores! Our 27-gallon portable waste tank will take the struggle and annoyance out of disposing of your wastewater! Use our website or chat with our knowledgeable customer care team today to get one for the travels ahead of you. Do you have questions? Give us a call or chat with us online! We will be happy to help you out.


  • Grey
  • 26lbs when empty
  • Has everything you need to empty your RV waste holding tank
  • Storage compartment for components
    • Heavy-duty hose
    • Universal bayonet fitting
    • 90-degree elbow nozzle with handle
    • Cap
  • Compact and easy to use
  • 27-gallon capacity
  • Polypropylene material
    • Strong and flexible
    • Resistant to heat, harsh chemicals, and wear
  • 4 durable rubber wheels
  • Built-in extendable handle
    • Can be attached to a trailer hitch - 5mph maximum speed
    • Folds underneath tank for easier storage
    • Connected to front wheels for easier maneuvering
  • Venting port
  • Easier and faster emptying
  • AutoStop level gauge prevents overfilling
  • Large port opening for faster rinsing
  • Ideal for use with RVs
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • 15 7/16" H, 42 13/32" L, 21 11/16" W
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