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21' RV Awning Replacement Fabric Heat-Welded Seams (Actual Width 20' 1")

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  • Slate Blue awning extended out on an RV.
  • Heavy duty awning fabric. Cold crack resistant. Heat welded seams. Universal fit. 1,000 PVC tarpaulin. Heat sealed seams.
  • UV exposure. Protects from stitching degrading. Strength and durability. RecPro awning fabrics are heat sealed on edges.
  • How to measure your replacement awning fabric. Size is measured from center of one arm to center of the other arm.
  • Simple installation. Pre-fitted polycords to easily slide into roller channels.
  • Comparison sheet of competitor's fabric features compared to RecPro's.
  • Slate Blue awning with the corner folded up.
  • Slate Blue awning extended out on an RV in a clearing.
  • Close up on the awning fabric material where it fades from white to Slate Blue.
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What makes an RV? Is it the ability to travel around the country on four wheels and provide sleeping and living areas for the RV's owners? Is it the capacity to take the conveniences of home and combine them into one area? The answer to these questions and others like them is "yes". A recreational vehicle is many things that converge to create the RV lifestyle. You can add many things to your RV to improve that world. Luxury furniture, appliances, and superior lighting make living the RV life better. There are also things that, if removed, can turn an RV into nothing more than a big box truck with a toilet. An RV awning is just such an item.

 RecPro awning fabric with its features compared to competitor awning fabric that is ripped with its features on the side.

Gray awning extended out on an RV in a clearing. There is a gray swatch square in the bottom right corner.

RV awnings, like the 21 Foot Camper Awning from RecPro, is the perfect addition or upgrade item for your RV. Whether you're getting ready to shutter your recreational vehicle for the season or "snowbird" south for the winter, putting a sweet vinyl canopy on your rig is the way to go! Not only will you protect your family and your recreational vehicle from the harmful effects of overexposure from the sun, but you'll save on energy costs for your RV. Adding an awning reduces internal temperatures on your unit, meaning your air-conditioning doesn't have to work as hard to keep up with external temperatures. This reduces your electricity costs and extends the life of your air conditioning system and support systems.

RecPro awning fabric. New awning fabric. Stylish flair and impeccable vinyl material. Shelter from outdoor elements.

Our awnings are made of superior material. Unlike other options in the market, vinyl is non-porous, preventing water from getting into the fabric and causing problems. Vinyl also naturally inhibits the production of mildew and mold. This means it resists staining that traditionally occurs with other cloth options and is much easier to clean with standard non-caustic cleaners.

Make sure you're covered this upcoming RV season and every one after with a new awning from RecPro!

Awning bead and valence measurements.


  • Width – 20' 1"
  • Length (Extension/Depth/Height) – 8’
  • Poly bead spacing: Approximately 4"
  • Poly bead diameter: Approximately 3/8"
  • Fade Colors – Ocean Blue Fade, Gray Fade, Tan/Camel Fade, Charcoal Fade, Slate Blue Fade, Burgundy Fade
    • Faded fabrics utilize a white underside
  • Solid Colors – Solid Black, Solid White
    • Solid color throughout, underside matches topside 
  • Material – 3-ply fabric with 16oz heavy duty vinyl
  • Durable heat welded seams and stress points
  • Straight-cut valance with 7.5" overhang
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy to install poly bead slides into track
  • Resists mold/mildew growth
  • Sized to fit industry standard assemblies
    • Will not fit awnings with metal covers
  • Awning fabric is 1000D PVC tarpaulin
  • Weight - 16oz/sq yd

*DISCLAIMER: RecPro does not guarantee that fabric fades will line up when purchasing multiple awning fabrics, as the separate fabrics may come from different dye lots.*

**Wrinkles will stretch out and smooth. Inconsistencies are cosmetic**

***Measure awning width before purchase (make sure to compensate for spacing)***



 How to measure your replacement awning fabric. Size is measured from center of one arm to center of the other arm.

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