19' RV Awning Replacement Fabric Heat-Welded Seams (Actual Width 18' 1")

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  • Burgundy awning extended out on an RV.
  • Heavy duty awning fabric. Cold crack resistant. Heat welded seams. Universal fit. 1,000 PVC tarpaulin. Heat sealed seams.
  • UV exposure. Protects from stitching degrading. Strength and durability. RecPro awning fabrics are heat sealed on edges.
  • How to measure your replacement awning fabric. Size is measured from center of one arm to center of the other arm.
  • Simple installation. Pre-fitted polycords to easily slide into roller channels.
  • Comparison sheet of competitor's fabric features compared to RecPro's.
  • Burgundy awning with the corner folded up.
  • Burgundy awning extended out on an RV in a clearing.
  • Close up on the awning fabric material where it fades from white to burgundy.
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Convenience is key when it comes to fully living the RV lifestyle. In order to have your rig perform like your brick and mortar home while you're on the road, you'll need to have conveniences which make life comfortable. That's why things like fresh water, luxury furniture, and comfortable beds make all the difference when you're living the RV life. One important item that can take your recreational vehicle to that next level of comfort is an awning from RecPro.

 RecPro awning fabric with its features compared to competitor awning fabric that is ripped with its features on the side.

Gray awning extended out on an RV in a clearing. There is a gray swatch square in the bottom right corner.

An awning is a great choice to make for your RV and for yourself. With an awning, you can limit your sun exposure, lessening the effects of UV light on your skin and helping prevent premature aging, health risks, and sunburn. Rather than stay outside under the hot sun, you can relax under your cool awning, avoiding the sun's rays and staying comfortable. Having an awning also gives you more space to spread out your furniture, food station, or lawn chairs, basically adding in another room to your RV. With this extra room, who knows what kind of great times you could have! As a bonus, awnings help decorate your RV and campsite, adding in even more of your personality and style. Awnings do a lot to make your journeys more enjoyable, and all these reasons and more is why they are so popular among RV owners.

Whether you are installing an awning or replacing an old OEM-provided canopy, stepping into a RecPro model is the right way to go. Our awnings are constructed of sturdy vinyl material that not only has a heavy tensile strength but is also very durable. This awning is water-resistant, helping keep it clean and dry throughout your vacation and making it easy to dry off again if it does rain. UV-resistant as well, it will not fade in the sun, but rather keep its colors for years to come. Mold and mildew-resistant, the awning is easy to clean and keep clean. Even in storage you don't need to worry about taking it out only to find mold or mildew. This awning stands up to the test of the seasons with flying colors. Coming in three types of colors (Ocean Blue Fade, Gray Fade, Slate Blue Fade, Burgundy Fade, Charcoal Fade, and Tan/Camel Fade), they can show more of your personality. This choice in color design is not only for personal choice reasons, though. Unlike a solid light awning, which reflects the light and can hurt your eyes, or a solid dark awning, which absorbs the heat and warms up your shade, this fade design is meant to provide you with cool shade, while being easier to look at. The awning arrives folded in RecPro shipping media, so make sure to expand the sheet over a flat surface before installation.

RecPro awning fabric. New awning fabric. Stylish flair and impeccable vinyl material. Shelter from outdoor elements.

A great part of this model of camper awning is that it has heat-sealed (heat-welded) seams. While other awnings have sewn seams, the heat weld seams make these awnings more durable, more reliable, and more able to handle what the RV life throws at it. The heat-seal enables the awning to withstand temperatures down to -25°F (-31.67°C) without degrading or cracking. Because of this, you have no need to worry about what will happen to your stored RV in the winter or whether or not you'll be able to use your RV awning when you go cold-weather camping. The heat-welded seams are reinforced with a heavy-duty 13.5 oz base vinyl (1/16" thick), which adds to the durable nature of the awning. Leak-proof as well, these seams are not going to let in water or rot over time, unlike the sewn seams of other models of awning. Adding reliability and stability at those critical points of the awning, these seams don't leave you wanting more. If you're looking for an awning that'll last you years, heat-sealed is the way to go.

This awning is perfect for your RV whether you're installing or upgrading. Improve your adventures on the road with RecPro. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!

Awning bead and valence measurements.


  • Width – 18' 1"
  • Length (Extension/Depth/Height) – 8’
  • Poly bead spacing: Approximately 4"
  • Poly bead diameter: Approximately 3/8"
  • Fade Colors – Ocean Blue Fade, Gray Fade, Tan/Camel Fade, Charcoal Fade, Slate Blue Fade, Burgundy Fade
    • Faded fabrics utilize a white underside
  • Solid Colors – Solid Black, Solid White
    • Solid color throughout, underside matches topside 
  • Material – 3-ply fabric with 16oz heavy duty vinyl
  • Durable heat welded seams and stress points
  • Straight-cut valance with 7.5" overhang
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Easy to install poly bead slides into track
  • Resists mold/mildew growth
  • Sized to fit industry standard assemblies
    • Will not fit awnings with metal covers
  • Awning fabric is 1000D PVC tarpaulin
  • Weight - 16oz/sq yd

*DISCLAIMER: RecPro does not guarantee that fabric fades will line up when purchasing multiple awning fabrics, as the separate fabrics may come from different dye lots.*

**Wrinkles will stretch out and smooth. Inconsistencies are cosmetic**

***Measure awning width before purchase (make sure to compensate for spacing)***



 How to measure your replacement awning fabric. Size is measured from center of one arm to center of the other arm.

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