12' RV Awning Sun Shade Kit - 8' & 9' Drop Option (Actual Width 10' 11½")

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  • RV awning sun shade installed on an awning on a RV in a field.
  • RV awning sun shade.
  • RV awning sun shade measurements.
  • How to measure for your new sun shade. Size is measured as the distance from center of one arm to the center of the other.
  • Heavy duty zipper. Steel grommets. Durable vinyl mesh.
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Why should you bother with adding an awning shade to your RVs awning? It already provides shade, doesn't it? Sure, your RV's awning can provide you with a fair amount of shade, as well as protect you from rain and the sun when it is directly overhead. But what about when the sun is low, such as during the early morning or late afternoon? What if there is some strong wind blowing the rain sideways? Your RV awning can do a lot to improve your comfort, but there is no harm in giving it a helping hand. has the perfect attachment for your RV awning. Our black 12' awning shade easily enhances the benefits that you get with an awning and adds a few more. Our awning shade can help protect you from the sun's bright light no matter the time. Evening or morning, it is ready to keep you covered. When it is set up correctly, our 2 piece awning shade can easily put up with wind and rain while remaining breathable. With an awning shade of your own, you will have no problem staying cool and dry!

Our 2 piece zipper awning shade is an easy DIY installation and only takes a few minutes to get installed and set up. This product includes a handy bag for easy storage and transportation and a set of straps and stakes.

Heavy duty zipper. Steel grommets. Durable vinyl mesh.

Our 12' awning shade comes in two pieces, which attach to each other via a zipper. The top piece connects to the end of your awning, where you can then zip the bottom half to it. The result is one singular sheet of durable black mesh fabric, blocking out up to 80% of sunlight and providing some additional sweet shade. Using the straps and stakes included with the awning, you can secure the bottom of it to soft and hard ground alike. Despite its dark color, our awning shade is breathable, allowing fresh air to flow and giving you a great view of the outdoors.

If you want an easy way to improve your level of comfort and enjoyment in the great outdoors with your RV, this 11' awning is a perfect fit for you. Use our website and get one for yourself, or contact our customer care team. If you have any questions you want to be answered, give us a call or contact us online.

RV awning sun shade measurements.


  • RV Awning Shade
  • Width: 10' 11 1/2" W
  • Height Options for 8' (actual 8' 1/2") or 9' (actual 9' 1/2")
  • Top Zippered Portion Dimensions: 10' 11 1/2" W x 3' H
  • 2 piece zipper awning shade
  • Includes bag, stakes, and straps
  • 80% sunblock
  • Durable, UV resistant and weather resistant, resists mold and mildew
  • Material: open-weave 100% polyester with a durable vinyl coating
  • Mesh screen allows a breeze without the wind sail effect
  • Color: Black
  • Keeps area under your RV awning cooler and more comfortable
  • Increases privacy without blocking your view and keeps out harmful UV rays
  • Protects eyes and skin from sun rays
  • Attaches easily to the awning roller tube without any tools
  • Doubles as a windbreaker to keep a more comfortable and relaxing environment (should not be used in high winds or severe storms)
  • Can be used on both manual and electric awnings
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Helps you save money on cooling costs
  • Stakes and straps used to secure the shade to the ground through the grommets at the bottom
  • Top insert slides into the awning roller and rolls up with the awning, allowing you to install the shade later without needing a ladder or keeping the shade out and enjoying the sun
  • To find the right size, measure your awning width (center arm to center arm) and awning height when fully extended
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