12/2 Brake Trailer Wire

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  • 12/2 Wire
  • 12/2 Wire
  • 12/2 Wire
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Brakes are pretty important; anyone who has driven an RV, a car, or even a bicycle knows this. Driving without brakes is just about as scary as skydiving without a parachute and hoping there's a giant pillow at the bottom - it's just not a good idea. Without brakes, you could find yourself in serious trouble and even injury. To help prevent your brakes from failing and causing you or your family harm, we at RecPro offer you this 12/2 brake trailer wire.

Consisting of two 12 gauge wires, each insulated separately, this wire is sold by the foot. Able to withstand the bumps and bruises of road travel while extending the life of your brakes' electrical system. Each wire is a single conductor made of stranded copper, not just coated copper or cheap aluminum. If you're looking for a great quality brake trailer wire, you've come to the right place. Take care of yourself and your family by investing in a good quality wire for your brakes' electrical system.

Here at RecPro, we want to give you the tools you need to make your vacation as perfect as it can be. This means not only comfort but safety as well. Safety is just as important as comfort when looking at what makes a vacation a great vacation. You could have a terrific time hiking the trails but if you're sleeping in an unsafe location or are traveling down the road without the proper safety equipment, you may end up ruining your vacation with much worse memories. Don't let your memories be spoiled by a lack of safety. Find the right products and tools to ensure a safe and secure trip and you'll be able to spend more time making amazing memories with your family and friends. Find the right products, such as this 12/2 brake trailer wire.

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  • Consists of two (2) 12 gauge wires
  • 2 brake wires are each insulated
  • Wires are single conductors: stranded copper
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