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105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape

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  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape
  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape
  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape
  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape
  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape
  • 105" Wide Underbelly Kits with Flex Mend Tape



There is a myriad of things that need attention on your RV or mobile home.  From the engine to the skirting and everything in-between, there’s a lot to keep track of and repair.  One of the areas that is often neglected is the underside of your vehicle or living space.  Sadly, this is a prime area for environmental encroachment.  Either from water, insects, animals, road materials, or other invasive entity, there’s a lot that can penetrate your home without your knowledge.  That’s why you need to keep your underside protected with the industry standard since the 1980s; Polyethylene Underbelly.   
Polyethylene Underbelly is a stout cloth material that has been used in the manufacture of mobile homes for decades. Since the 1980’s OEMs have used this black cross-hatched fabric, reminiscent of the same material you would find in a tarp (standard use, not construction grade) this cloth is utilized in the protection of mobile homes, trailers, sheds, RVs, homes, and other residential applications. It’s flexible, easy to install, tear-resistant, and is water repellant so that you will see little to no water encroachment in your vehicle.
While this material is incredibly durable, it will, from time to time, become damaged. Whether by tearing, natural wear, or another incident this fabric can break down. You will need a qualified product to apply to your damaged areas of underbelly cloth in these instances. RecPro now offers such products, and in a kit, so you’ll have everything you need to make necessary repairs.  We want to introduce our Underbelly Kit with Adhesive Tape by Flex-Mend and Polyethylene Fabric.
The basis for this entire system is the durable cross-hatch material that is the Polyethylene Fabric.  While it features a water-repellent tarp material (non-construction grade), it is bolstered by a strong cross-hatch weave.  This construction allows this fabric to withstand most standard pressures put on it by outside forces such as weather, road wear, and wildlife.  At the available 105” width, this material can cover most standard sub-structures.  Once installed, if any problems arise, this kit includes the powerful Flex-Mend tape.
Flex-Mend Underbelly Tape 4" Wide Cut to Length Adhesive Cloth is a strong repair fabric made of the same material as the Polyethylene Underbelly. The advantage of this tape is that it comes in cut-to-length strips and has a strong adhesive backing to the material can be applied directly to the problem areas. The reason this tape is a top-use product for this application is that most tapes have a difficult time adhering to the Polyethylene cloth. Duct tape and other iterations of “strong” adhesive cloths will stick, but only temporarily. Instead of making frequent repairs to your underbelly, use a more permanent solution such as Flex-Mend.  
Flex-Mend is a front-of-industry mending tape that not only matches the texture and looks of bottom under-fabrics but is a permanent fixture once correctly applied. The specially-engineered adhesive applies easily, and the woven poly-film will become a seamless part of the original fabric. Once it is used, almost immediately, it becomes nearly impossible to remove without destroying surrounding structures.
Make sure and get the best material in the industry to repair your cloth underbelly, or install a new covering, by purchasing your kit (up to 40’) from RecPro.


  • (Polyethylene Underbelly) 105” W
  • (Tape) Repairs Polyethylene Underbelly
  • (Tape) 4" W
  • (Tape) Sold in 5' increments: 5’ to 50’
  • Color - Black
  • Cross-functional
  • Temperature resistant
  • Woven mesh support
  • Best for stationary vehicle applications
  • Prevents wear on delicate underbelly components
  • Water resistant
  • Insulating properties
  • Resists tearing
  • (Tape) Adhesive-backed tape product

ATTENTION: This cloth repair tape does not work well with solid materials. Older bottom boards will not receive adhesion as well as the woven poly fiber. If your bottom board are too far gone for routine repair, total replacement is recommended.

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