1" RV Vinyl Insert White Heavy Duty Screw Cover

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  • RV Vinyl Insert White


The 1" RV Vinyl Insert White Heavy-Duty Screw Cover from RecPro is a sure-fire trim solution to solve the needs of your exposed fastening media. The white of the trim makes it ideal for matching up with most any RV design palette, and the sleek 1” design makes for minimal space needed when applying the coverage. This covering is insertable and easy to use!

This tough and heavy-duty vinyl insert is made to last. You choose how much you need for your recreational vehicle, fifth-wheel or home with available 50’ and 100’ sections. The small details are just as important as the big ones in the RV game. You can have the fanciest furniture and appliances, but if your trim looks like trash and you have a plethora of screws exposed; it’s going to look bad. Don’t miss this simple, yet effective, vinyl covering to hem up the design factor in your living space.

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