1" RV Vinyl Insert Black

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  • 1" RV Vinyl Insert Black
  • 1" RV Vinyl Insert Black
  • 1" RV Vinyl Insert Black
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stripYou want the exterior of your RV to be as nice as the interior. Whether you've spruced it up with a mural, lights, and paint or whether you like the pre-designed appearance, you want your trim to be nice as well. When you attach the trim, however, you are left with the screws showing which can make your RV look unfinished. To cover them up and further improve the look of your RV, we offer you these black vinyl inserts. The perfect little addition that adds up to big results, this trim is sturdy, attractive, and built to last.


Since they're used to cover the screws on the outside of your RV, they need to be durable. Made of thick vinyl with UV light resistance, this vinyl insert is designed to replace worn, damaged, or weathered trim and last you as long as possible. Pre-formed to fit more securely and easily onto your trim, it's an easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your RV. With its smooth exterior and solid black color, it looks sleek and level, making an effortless addition to your exterior design. This trim also protects your screws, as it covers them up and helps protect them from wind and weather. This 1" wide trim is sold in 50 feet or 100 feet lengths so that you can cut it to your perfect length.

Having the screws on your trim showing creates an unfinished look. If you want your RV to look as amazing as possible and reflect you and your personality, you're going to want to cover them up. Even if you have a beautiful mural, colorful lights, or a new paint job, the screws showing through the trim can attract unwanted glances. Don't settle for an unfinished look. Protect your screws and improve the look of your RV with these sturdy screw covers.

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  • 1" wide
  • 50' or 100' long
  • Vinyl
  • Color: Black
  • Smooth exterior
  • Replace cracked or stained RV trim inserts
  • Easy installation
  • UV resistant
  • Should not be cleaned with ammonia or harsh cleaning agents, as this can damage the surface
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