1/2" Barb Three Way Valve

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  • Three Way Valve
  • Three Way Valve
  • Three Way Valve
  • Three Way Valve
  • Three Way Valve
  • Three Way Valve
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Winterizing your RV

It is best to be prepared well in advance when winter rolls around. You do not want to be caught in a challenging situation in the middle of freezing weather! Ensure that your RV is prepared for the winter or for travel in cold climates by ensuring it has the right equipment for winterization. If your RV has a 2-valve system in its water heater, then our three-way bypass valve will be perfect for you.

What Is A Three Way Bypass Valve

A three-way valve is used for winterizing an RV water heater with a 2-valve system. It redirects water flow away from the water heater tank. A three-way bypass valve keeps antifreeze out of your water heater tank and inside your RVs water lines. This three-way bypass valve from RecPro works well for any RV camper with a 2-valve system water heater.

Heavy Duty Construction

For use when you don’t want to fill your water heater with antifreeze but want to keep your water lines full of antifreeze. Some water heater tanks are made of metal, which can be corroded and weakened by antifreeze.

How it works

This three-way valve features three ½” barbed connections. The direction the switch points in when the valve is “open” is a constant connection, meaning it always has water flow and functions as a source of water flow for the other two connections. The other two connections are variable connections that allow you to redirect the flow of water from the constant connection.

DiverterWhen connected to your water heater, the three-way bypass valve can direct the flow of water past your water heater instead of through it, effectively cutting your water heater off from water flow. This will also allow you to winterize your RVs water lines with antifreeze without the risk of getting antifreeze inside your RV water heater tank. Most 2-valve RV water heater systems use two three-way bypass valves. This RV three-way valve does not include tools or hardware for mounting.

3 way valve measurements

Be Prepared

Get an early start on preparing for cold climates or future winter weather with a few of these three-way valves for your RV. To stock up on some of these fantastic valves for your rigs’ RV water heater, use our website or chat with our helpful Customer Care team members. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to us online or over the phone.


  • Three-way valve for your RV water heater
    • Used when winterizing RVs with 2-valve systems
    • Keeps antifreeze out of your water heater tank and in your RVs water lines
    • Redirects the flow of water away from your water heater
  • ½” barbed connections
  • Easy to turn selector switch
  • Does not include mounting hardware or tools
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