Scratch & Dent

Scratch & Dent

Scratch and DentLife happens. Things get damaged, as they sometimes will. Maybe you didn’t strap something in while driving uphill? What do you do when it’s your furniture’s time? Covered in bumps, bruises, wear, and grime? You will probably send it away and buy something new. If you’re wise, you’ll order from your friends at RecPro; it’s the best thing to do.

Buying new furniture is great. If you can afford to purchase new theater seating or hide-a-beds for your RV or home, you can enjoy premium luxury furniture. What if you don’t want to pay full price? What if you have a cabin out in the woods that sees heavy use during hunting season only? You want to have all the comfort and style available, but don’t want to invest a ton of money in luxury furniture that will get used like it’s in a fraternity house. We have the answer for you.

RecPro’s Scratch and Dent section is the primary place for you to find used RV furniture for your recreational vehicle or home. We have gently used items that have been released from previous owners or damaged out by our receiving department because of shipping challenges. Whatever the case may be, you can own a piece of luxury furniture at a bargain price.

What items are included in the Scratch and Dent line? All of your favorite modular pieces and recliners from RecPro. Eurochairs, 58” theater seating, and SGRs are all available. Because of the nature of Scratch and Dent our inventory, and pricing, is continually changing. If this is the furniture, you’re looking for just check in with us daily. You never know what you’ll find.

RecPro Scratch and Dent. The right products for a good price.