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RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"

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  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
  • RV Slide Out Lock 50" - 70"
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Is your RV equipped with a slide-out? Have you been anxious about the possibility of it swinging open during turns while on the road? If so, RecPro's Slide Lock is here to give you and your RV some extra peace of mind. With this product, one can ensure that their slide-outs are secure, stable, and safe for all types of travel adventures!

Have you ever wondered what the RecPro Slide Lock can do for your slide-out? This simple device is designed to fit between the edge of your slide-out and the interior wall of your rig, ensuring that it remains securely closed during travel. Not only does this keep everything in place as you hit the road, but it also helps maintain a tight seal against water and dust infiltration, so you arrive at your destination dry and clean! Get complete peace of mind with this must-have tool for any RV traveler. This multi-purpose tool isn't limited to just locking your slide-out; it's also perfect for providing some extra security in the back of a truck bed or as an alternative clothes hanger in your closet.


padFor your slide-out needs, the RecPro Slide Lock is an ideal solution. It can be extended from 50" to 70" for a perfect fit and is made with heavy-duty steel to provide ample support and security. Plus, thick rubber padding on each end helps protect your slide-out and interior walls from damage while in use! Setup is also easy as pie--it only takes seconds! And when you're done using the RecPro Slide Lock, you can simply store it away until next time in any small space, such as a closet.


When living the RV life, safety and stability should be your top priorities. Secure your slide-out with this specialized lock from RecPro to help ensure maximum protection while you're out on the road. Visit our website or talk directly with our Customer Care Team over the phone and order yours today!



  • Keeps your slide-out locked and secured during travel
  • Maintains the integrity of the slide-out external water and dust seal
  • Padded rubber feet - adjustable
  • Heavy-duty steel metal construction
  • Extends from 50” to 70”
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Multiple applications
  • Dark gray finish


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