RV Darkening "Bellagio" Pleated UV-Resistant Shades

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  • RV Pleated Shades Black
  • RV Darkening "Bellagio" Pleated UV-Resistant Shades
  • RV Pleated Shades Black
  • RV Pleated Shades Black
  • RV Darkening "Bellagio" Pleated UV-Resistant Shades
  • RV Pleated Shades Black


Fabric - Bellagio

The interior of your RV is just as important as the exterior. While you can appreciate the effort taken to make an RV beautiful and contemporary looking (unless you prefer the ‘retro’ feel) to all who observe your recreational vehicle, you want to do more than “wow” anyone who has eyes on your rig. You need to make the inside just as pleasing to your eye as the outside. Even if it’s just you seeing the design, it matters. It’s not just looks, though. You need function with form. We understand this at RecPro, and we’re here to help.

A solid upgrade to your interior, and one that will add privacy and reduce light penetration, is the pleated black shade from RecPro. The blinds are thick, strong, lite, and yet they are designed to resist allergens and dust collection which is common with other brands of pleated shades. The solid blinds are a great design and blend with most RV interiors.

Shades are a simple solution to a grouping of complex problems. Light encroachment mitigation, temperature control, extra security…all can happen with the addition of these shades from RecPro. If you want all of these benefits and more, call our friendly Customer Care Department and order your shade solution, today.


  • RV Pleated Shades/Blinds
  • Color: Black
  • Select your size in drop down menu
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Privacy – thick opaque material
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Insulating properties
  • Sizes range from: 17” x 38” to 74” x 50”





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