RV Awning Replacement Fabric - Page 2

RV Awning Replacement Fabric - Page 2


These awnings are made to last. They possess a tensile strength of 140 lbs. psi. The sun cover comes complete and ready to install with beading installed and heat-sealed edges. While other styles of awnings have sewn seams, these heat-sealed (heat-welded) seams are built for durability and long life. Because they are sealed with heat rather than thread, they provide more strength in the critical points of the awning and are resistant to mold and mildew. When you store your awning away for the season, you won't need to worry about it becoming damaged by water that might be trapped in the casing.

We have multiple color selections for you to choose from. The faded themes allow for numerous color matching opportunities with our awnings. At RecPro we made sure that replacement would be a snap. Our awnings have a universal channel fit so that you don’t have to cut material and fuss with external valence placement. It’s all together in one piece so you can replace your old fabric and get back out on the road.

Check out our selection of stylish awnings and order yours, today!

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