RecPro® Charles in Ultrafabrics® Brisa®

RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa

  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics® Brisa®
  • RecPro Charles 64" RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa in Ultrafabrics Brisa



bottle detail Decorating the interior of your RV is all about getting the right combination, especially when it comes to furniture. What good is a sofa or chair that looks incredible but is supremely uncomfortable to sit in? When outfitting your RV interior with furniture, make sure you get something that combines being pleasing to the eye with the high-level comfort you deserve.

Add ultra-convenient powered furniture with a fabric covering that's so soft you'll never want to leave and you've just created a sofa that will turn your RV from average to amazing. And that's just what we've done. Introducing the Ultrafabrics Brisa Furniture collection.

Ultrafabrics Brisa

In adding the Ultrafabrics Brisa fabric to our popular powered modular furniture, you now have the option of having both powered convenience and the super soft and durable feel of Brisa. But what exactly is Brisa? Our Brisa fabric is similar to Suprima from afar, however, it has some very important differences. First, it is available in different colors. Available in Coffee Bean, Birch, Ash, Onyx, or Desert Clay you can choose between two super popular and flexible colors that match the color offerings on our Captains chairs, adding a smooth and complete color scheme to your RV interior. The Brisa fabric is also more durable, with a higher double rub and hydrolysis rating (how it stands up to wear and tear and water exposure). With this, higher durability, it will last you through your RV travels while still looking amazing. If you're not quite sure of the fabric, call or email our Customer Care team and they can request a special sample just for you.

Birch Fabric Coffee Bean Fabric

Inner Mechanisms

Just like the rest of our furniture lines, the inner mechanisms on our Brisa fabric line are lightweight, durable, and reliable. For RV furniture, you can't just add any old sofa. Your furniture has to be able to withstand the rough life of your RV, from the wear and tear to the bumps of the road and the long drives. The inner mechanisms on our furniture, including the Brisa furniture, is designed just for that. They are lightweight, so as not to add too much more weight to your RV's load profile (only 195lbs!), but are still durable, being made of sturdy metal. With the added power, they easily recline each and every time.



The 64" sofa includes a left and right arm powered recliner plus a 6" storage console. Altogether, it measures 64"W x 39"H x 37 1/2"D. The minimum depth required to fit on a slide out is 36-1/4" with the front of the recliner overhanging the slide-out and the minimum depth required to fit on a slide out without overhang is 39-1/4". When it is delivered, it comes in three boxes, each box for a piece of the set. The best way to install it is to carry each piece into the RV separately (each piece fits through a 22" door frame) and put it together inside of the rig. Once it's put together, it only needs 4" of clearance from the wall to recline, thanks to the Zero Wall-Hugger design. At full length of recline, it's 65" long.


6" Storage Console

The 6" Storage Console gives you the storage you need without taking up too much space. Measuring a slim 5-1/2", it's the perfect fit for smaller floor plans. You can use it as an armrest or a cupholder, with the two cup holders measuring 3-3/4" in diameter. It is made of the same material and color as the two recliners, however, it is not able to recline. For the perfect fit with storage and style, look no further than this small addition to your sofa.



Powered USB Cup HolderAdding power to your sofa is that one extra step that brings the entire piece up a notch. Whether you have difficulty in pressing the footrest back down or you simply like to relax in ease, the power recline function is perfect. Both sides of the sofa (the right and left arm recliners) are powered and each recliner is powered individually. Because of this, you can relax and fall asleep while your friend or family member is sitting up straight on the other side. The recline function isn't the only part that's given an uplift due to the power. The cupholders on either armrest have also been upgraded. They are able to light up blue so that you can find your way in the dark and know exactly where to put your soda. The light is bright enough to give you visibility and style while not being so bright to light up the room. And if you're not feeling the light, it is able to be turned off. The cup holders are also where the controls for the reclining function are housed, as well as where a USB port is located. With this USB port, you can charge your phone, tablet, or other gadget while you relax. Now that's convenience! Each recliner comes with their own respective power cords, which come with wall plugs. Keep in mind, however, that if you are boondocking or are not hooked up to shore power, to have a generator or another power source for your 120v power system.

With the comfort and convenience included in our line of Ultrafabrics Brisa furniture, you can be sure to feel like a king when riding in your rig. And just like our Suprima and Cloth lines of modular furniture, you can add more consoles, such as the 22" console to your seating to expand it, creating your own customized RV layout. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • RV Recliner modular furniture
  • Powered Left and Right arm facing recliner only
  • 6" Storage Console with cup-holders
  • Works with any RecPro modular furniture
  • Can easily be connected with any RecPro modular furniture piece to create your own customized look
  • Material: Ultrafabrics Brisa
  • Colors: Coffee Bean, Birch, Ash, Onyx, Desert Clay
  • Each recliner is powered individually
  • Easy to clean
  • Contemporary design
  • USB port in the rim of the cup-holder
  • Light up cup-holder (blue)


  • Dimensions (overall): 64"W x 38"H x 37 1/2"D
  • Minimum depth required to fit on slide out is 36 1/4" with front of recliner overhanging the slide-out
  • Minimum depth required to fit on slide out without overhang is 39 1/4"
  • Able to fit through a 22" door frame
  • Full Recline length: 65"
  • Zero Wall-Hugger (only needs 4" of gap from wall to fully recline)
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Armrest Cupholder is 3 1/2" Diameter
  • Frame (overall): approximately 47" W x 21 3/8"D
  • Frame (each recliner): 16 15/16"W x 21 3/8"D
  • Frame (console): 5" W x 21" D
  • Seat only (single recliner): 22 1/2"W x 21 1/2"D
  • Foot rest to floor (when fully recline): 17"


  • Frame: 6"W x 20 3/4"D
  • Storage compartment: 4 1/4"W x 8"H x 12"D
  • Bottom base: 27 1/2"D
  • Cupholder: 3 1/2" diameter

Technical Data:

  • 110 Volt power needed (wall outlet)
  • 75 watts max-rated per recliner
  • 71 1/2" overall cord length

*The recline function is dependent on electricity; without power, the furniture will not recline*
*Powered option only available on left arm facing and right arm facing (left and right ends of the sofa) modular pieces*
*Individual power recliners can be purchased to create larger theater packages*

*We cannot make any recommendations regarding installation of products to our customers*
*Any modification outside of manufacturer's suggested use (including, but not limited to, adding or removing mounting hardware, seat belts, brackets, clamps, etc.) immediately voids all warranties and waives liability from the manufacturer and all their subsidiaries*
*All furniture is designed to fit through a 22" door opening
*We do not condone using seat belts with our furniture unless they are installed by a licensed RV dealership. Doing so improperly may void the warranty.

*Please note: lighting, decor, and interior design may slightly alter color appearance of sofa*
*We round up to the nearest inch of the piece*

UltraFabrics Brisa - Industry Leading 5 Year Limited Warranty

  • 3-year limited warranty on structural components, springs, and mechanism. 
  • 5-year limited warranty on UltraFabrics Brisa leather and thread.
    • Made in Japan
    • 300,000 Double Rub (Wyzenbeek Rating)
    • 7 Year Hydrolysis
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