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Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack

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  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
  • Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack
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Live Easy With This Hydraulic Universal Trailer Jack

Having a trailer is a wonderful and freeing privilege. But it comes with its downsides. One of those downsides is having to manually jack your trailer up or down every time you settle down or start packing up. It's exhausting and can take forever to do, even if you're using an electric trailer jack! Make life with your trailer a little easier by checking out the Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack, available here at RecPro! 

So, what makes the Universal Trailer Jack from Bigfoot better than other jacks out on the market today? For starters, this is an American-made 12-volt hydraulic tongue jack using a marine-grade weatherproof pump and featuring toggle switch operation to raise and lower your trailer tongue in seconds. The hydraulic design of this trailer tongue jack offers a few great advantages. One of the advantages of the hydraulic design is the incredible lift capacity of 8,000 lbs, giving this trailer jack the power needed to lift even your heaviest loads. Another great advantage of the hydraulic design is just how fast it works to raise or lower your trailer tongue, working up to 4 times faster than typical electric models and way faster than manual trailer jacks. However, this universal trailer tongue jack does feature a manual override in case of emergency. 

So, what makes this Universal Tongue Jack so "universal?" It all has to do with the way this jack is mounted to your trailer. The design of this jack allows it to mount to trailer tongues designed for a center-mounted jack. It's designed in a way that allows it to fit any standard-sized trailer tongue jack mounting hole and will also fit most A-frame-style trailer tongue mounting holes. This Universal Trailer Jack comes partially assembled, with the pump already connected to the cylinder, which is pre-filled and tested for leaks. The cylinder has a shaft diameter of 1 ½", an extended length of 24 ½", and a retracted length of 8", giving this trailer jack a total of 16 ½" of travel. This jack also features a heavy-duty steel 64 square-inch stabilizing foot, giving the jack exceptional stability on a variety of terrains. It also includes five feet of extra 4 AWG battery wire for easier hookup, as well as a black powder coating on metal components for improved durability against harsh weather and environments. 


  • Toggle switch operation

  • 12-volt hydraulic tongue jack
  • Mounts to trailer tongue that feature a center-mounted jack
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Includes manual override in case of emergency
  • Powerful weatherproof marine-grade pump
  • Black powder coating on steel parts
  • Heavy duty steel stabilizing foot

The Bigfoot Universal Tongue Jack comes in one box with the pump and cylinder partially assembled. It also includes installation hardware, the toggle switch, a stabilizing coupler, a heavy-duty steel foot plate, a user manual, and a 1-Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty. The toggle switch is located inside the pump box, as it is stored there during shipping to avoid damage to the switch. This tongue jack cannot be powered through your trailer's light & brake plug. Some tools will be required for assembly and installation, as well as 2 quarts of Dexron III automatic transmission fluid (not included). Professional installation is highly recommended and offered by Bigfoot.  features weatherproof marine-grade pump, effortlessy raise and lower your trailer, durable construction

If you are sick and tired of manually raising and lowering your trailer or waiting forever for your electric jack to do the job, then the Bigfoot Universal Tongue is the perfect solution for you. Use our website to order yours today, or speak with our friendly Customer Care Team for further assistance. 


works 4x faster than electric tongue jacks, designed to fit any standard  trailer tongue jack,  includes  installation hardware


  • 4 times faster than electric

  • Fits most A-frame style trailer tongue mounting holes
  • Comes in one box
  • Cylinder is pre-filled and tested for leaks
  • Raise and lower your tongue effortlessly in seconds


  • Made in America

  • Designed to fit any standard trailer tongue jack mounting hole
  • Shaft (diameter): 1 ½" solid chrome rod
  • Lift Capacity: 8,000 lbs
  • 16 1/2" of travel
  • Shaft extended: 24 ½”
  • Shaft retracted: 8”

9 1/4" W x  8 3/8"D 27 7/8" H


    • Large 64 sq/inch stabilizing foot
    • 5ft 4 AWG battery wire
    • Pump and Cylinder assembly
    • Installation hardware
    • Toggle switch
    • Stabilizing coupler
    • Manual
    • 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty

**Requires 2 quarts of Dexron type 3 automatic transmission fluid (not included).

**This unit cannot be powered through your trailer's light & brake plug.

**Toggle switch is located inside the pump box. It is kept loose inside the pump box during shipping to avoid damage.

**Professional installation is recommended. Professional installation is offered by Bigfoot.

**Click here to register your product and activate your warranty.

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