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RV Day & Night Pleated Shades / RV Roller Shades

Video Transcript

Abby- “Hi I’m Abby with and today we have Nick here who is our shade specialist and he’s going to show us installation and operation for our RV roller shades in our RV day/night pleated shades.”

Nick- “We’re showing the installation of the RV roller shade. We’re going to take the roller shade mounting clip with the spring side up. We’re going to go ahead and screw it in, we’re going to screw into the wall. We’re going to take the second roller shade mounting clip. We’ll go ahead and install that over on the left side over here.

Now, one thing that is important for support of the RV roller shade is that the brackets are spaced as far as possible compared to the rail itself. That gives maximum support. There are little ears here, and we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to rock the shade onto the - onto this ear like so.

Now we’re going to show operation. The shades come pre-adjusted for speed and for upper stock limit set. Take the shade down and it stops, and then to retract it simply pull it and let go. Now if you want to have the shade stop higher in your window or lower, on the right side is a clear dial that’s the limit set adjuster. You simply rotate it clockwise to raise where the limit stops so that when operated, shade goes up, that stops higher.

If you wanted to stop lower you’re gonna rotate the clear knob clockwise and that will bring your adjustment down if your balance is lower. Likewise, if you want to increase or lower the speed, the black dial is for the speed. Going counterclockwise reduces the speed, so we’re gonna go ahead and do that and we’ll demonstrate just a little speed. For faster speed we’re gonna go clockwise. And there you have it.

So next we’re gonna install the RV pleated shade. We’ve got one bracket installed, put the second one in place. These brackets take two screws. Now we’re gonna install the pleated shade onto the clips. Put on the lip, rock it up in place, you’ll hear a snap. Now that we have the pleated shade mounted into the top bracket we’re gonna now install the bottom bobbin.

Now, we’re gonna mount these bobbins in line with the side of the shade down to approximately the drop of the shade. Then on the other side we’re gonna do the same thing. We’re gonna raise the shade up. That’s even. We’re gonna do the same thing. Now remember, feel for their little tip.

There’s a little tip on this plastic bobbin so that when you screw it into the wall it digs into the wall so that it won’t spin. After the installation is made the last thing to check is to see that the strings are parallel to each other and in and in line with a side edge.

Now that the shade is installed we’re gonna check for tension. Tension seems to be just fine. Raise. Lower the shade. Something important about the operation of a pleated day night shade is that you operate each shade section individually and not at the same time. One at a time the shade will work fine. If you try to operate both at the same time you’ll struggle trying to raise the shade up.

If you want to adjust the tension of the pleated shade you can either wind the cord around the bottom to increase the tension or you can take the cord and move the knot down if you want to loosen the tension of the shade. That’s it.”

Abby- “Alright guys thanks so much for watching and to shop either the roller shades or the RV day night pleated shades just click on the links below and make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe below. Thanks.”