4" Shower Handles White/Smoke

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  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke
  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke
  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke
  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke
  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke
  • 4" Shower Handles White/Smoke


If you're anything like me, a hot shower after a long day is the perfect luxury. Relaxing and warm or energizing and cold, showers are enjoyed by pretty much everyone. But without the controls to change the water from hot to cold or the other way around, you won't be able to have those showers at all. All you'll be able to do is take whatever nature gives you on that day. Without shower handles, you won't even be able to turn your shower on. If you want your shower up and working properly, then this shower handle is just what you need.

Made of high-density plastic, this shower control valve is durable and rust-resistant. With the simple white base and stylized smoke crystal handles, it can match any interior while adding that spark that can make all the difference in your shower's aesthetic. With the simple design also comes simple cleaning. Intricate designs are all fun and good until you have to clean around all those swirls and designs. And have you ever been in someone else's shower and tried to figure out their water system? It's like navigating an aircraft sometimes. With the simple and color-coded design, this shower control system isn't confusing at all. In addition to being easy to clean and use, it's also easy to install. The water hose connectors in the back just hook right up to your pipes and the shower connector in the bottom hooks up to your handheld shower and hose. No need to tear up your shower or worry about the controls needing to be recessed into the wall with the front-mounting, either. Just plug it in and go.

So whether you use your shower just to get clean, to relax, or as a luxury, this shower control valve system with the two color-coded handles for hot and cold is sure to make the experience stress-free and enjoyable. Find your perfect temperature and take control over your shower with this 4" shower handle panel from RecPro.


  • Dimensions: 4" L
  • Stylized crystal handles
  • Standard hook-ups
  • Colors: White/Smoke
  • Front-mounted
  • Solid plastic won't rust