Suburban Water Heaters

Suburban Water Heaters

RecPro, in an effort to provide the best in RV parts and accessories to our customers, supports the Suburban line of RV products. Suburban Manufacturing of Dayton, Tennessee, has been an established provider of quality parts for the RV market since its founding in 1947. Suburban, a division of AIRXCEL, Inc since 1997, is one of the leading manufacturers of RV heating, water heating and cooking appliances in the country. Suburban’s name is synonymous with quality products that enhance the RV lifestyle. Their product lines are known for reliable performance and standing up to the rugged recreational vehicle life. They have stayed at the cutting edge of the industry with a continual push to upgrade technology and quality.

What’s special about a Suburban hot water heater offered by the family here at RecPro? The construction of their product line. Their products are lined with porcelain, which makes all the difference. Heated water attacks metals, warping and degrading them over time. Porcelain resists such attacks. That’s why Suburban uses a porcelain-lined, steel (outer surface) water heater tank with an anode rod that absorbs the electrolytic action. This is just like your water heater at home, minus the cobwebs and weird old coffee cup sitting on top of it that nobody knows who it belongs to.

Something to consider as well, when a Suburban porcelain-lined tank is properly maintained, tank life may double or triple its three-year limited warranty, saving owners the cost of premature replacement. In addition, every Suburban tank is pressure tested twice (PSI, not peer) during the manufacturing process to ensure its integrity.

When looking for a solid and dependable piece of equipment for your RV, consider our line or Suburban water heaters. If they can stand up to pressure testing, so can you…right? We mean, you should buy one. All the cool kids are doing it.