Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A

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  • Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A
  • Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A
  • Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A
  • Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A
  • Suburban Advantage RV Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition 6-Gallon 12V 12,000 BTU 5320A


Get Hot Water on the Road with a Suburban Water Heater

Hot water is a luxury on the road. And sometimes it’s one you don’t want to do without. Sure, you can always use the campground showers for a hot shower, but a shower in your own RV is even better. A low quality water heater can keep that dream a reality. So what do you do? Upgrading your water heater with RecPro can get you on track to have the perfect shower in the comfort of your own rig.

Getting a Suburban water heater from RecPro is setting yourself up for success. Suburban is a well known and trusted name in the RV water heater business. You get a water heater that is high quality and rigorously tested. This water heater is the SAW6D model. It runs on gas with a 12V DC connection for ignition.

Model SAW6D

The model name tells you what you’re getting with your water heater. The SAW tells you that you’re getting a Suburban Advantage water heater. The 6 tells you that this tank is a 6 gallon tank. The D tells you about the heating system. This system used a direct spark ignition system with propane. The direct spark ignition uses a 12 volt DC hookup to power the spark that ignites the gas. And since it’s a gas system, it requires a propane hookup.

This water heater and tank measure 12.5”H x 16.125”W x 17.625”D. It's best to install this heater on the sides of your RV. It is not advised for it to be installed on the front of a unit. When installing, also be mindful of the items around the heater, such as slide outs and doors. Both of these can block the vent and cause dangerous gasses to build up.

12V Direct spark ignition, recovery rate, 6 gallon capacity

Safety Features 

This water heater comes with plenty of safety features. It’s CSA certified. It is also pressure tested twice during manufacturing so that its integrity is ensured. The tank is wrapped in insulation to help retain heat within the unit. This insulation also helps keep heat from seeping into the areas surrounding the tank. This tank has a temperature monitoring system that maintains the water temperature of 135°F (57°C). This is non adjustable. Be sure to use caution when using hot water as too hot water can cause burning and scalding.

There is also a pressure relief valve installed on the unit. The valve helps regulate the internal temperature and pressure of the tank. If the tank reaches 210°F or 150 pounds of pressure, the valve will open and drip until the tank has returned to safe temperatures and pressures. The tank also comes with an anode rod. The rod attracts sediments that can corrode your tank and instead allow them to corrode the rod. The rod can then be replaced and your tank can remain safe and uncorroded.

This tank weighs about 32 pounds dry and 81 pounds when full. It is a steel tank and features a porcelain lining. It’s safe for drinking as long as the source water is safe. The inlet and outlet come equipped with plastic tubes that help improve the water circulation of the tank.

This is a propane powered heater, but it does require a 12 volt DC hookup for the ignition. It has a BTU level of 10K. Its recovery rate is 8.48 gallons per hour. This unit is just the tank, it does not come with mounting hardware. It does come with an optional flush mount door and interior switch to have a whole system. Because you’re buying a Suburban product, it also comes with a Suburban warranty. Hang on to your manual as this contains all your warranty information.

Keep your water warm when you want it with a new Suburban water heater from RecPro. Upgrade and see the difference for yourself. Visit our website or call our Customer Care Team with any questions.  

pressure relief valve, direct spark ignition, plastic fill tubes


  • Suburban made

  • Gas and electric water heater
  • Designed to be hardwired, no plug and outlet needed
  • Dimensions: 12.5”H x 16.125”W x 17.625”D

  • 6 gallon capacity
  • Dry weight: 32 pounds
  • Full weight: approx. 81 pounds
  • CSA certified
  • Tank is insulated
  • Porcelain-lined, steel tank
  • Replaceable anode rod
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Plastic fill tubes on hot and cold water fittings to enhance water circulation
  • Water temperature set to maintain at 135°F (57°C)
    • Non adjustable, use caution when using hot water
  • Comes with manufacturer warranty
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • Optional flush mount door and switch available in black or white
  • SW6DE model
    • SAW - Suburban Advantage water heater
    • 6 - 6 gallon
    • D - 12 volt DC direct spark ignition gas heating system

Technical Data: 

  • 12K BTU level
  • Recovery rate - gas: 10.1 gallons/hr
  • 12V DC Direct spark ignition gas heating system
*Should be installed and serviced by a qualified service technician*

*Failure to properly maintain and/or winterize unit will void warranty*

*This unit should only be installed and serviced by a licensed service technician. Failure to do so can lead to damage to the unit, yourself, or your rig. Improper installation can lead to fire or explosion.

*As always with gas appliances, take caution when using. If you smell gas, immediately shut off the gas supply and vacate the area and call a gas service.

*Failure to properly maintain and winterize your tank can void the warranty.

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