RV Lockable Power Cord/Water Inlet Hatch

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  • Lockable Power Cord/Water Inlet Hatch
  • Lockable Power Cord/Water Inlet Hatch
  • Lockable Power Cord/Water Inlet Hatch
  • Lockable Power Cord/Water Inlet Hatch
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One of the concerns with recreational vehicle ownership is the continual need for upkeep and maintenance. Many things can go wrong, especially with the outside of your RV. Exposure to the elements, outside forces, and use can break down the different components of your rig. That's why we here at RecPro offer a comprehensive list of after-market upgrades that will make your RV able to stand up to the rigors of the road.

An item that can falter regularly because of use is the RV city water inlet on the exterior of your rig. Leaks, cracking, and warping can happen over time and you'll need to replace your RV water fill hatch with something stronger and more reliable. Don't worry, though, we've got exactly what you need to protect your connections and fit the outside aesthetics of your rig.

The Inlet Cover with Lockable Hatch is your first line in protection and defense against the elements and possible tampering with your RV's primary water or power source. This easily-installed door can cover your city RV water inlet and protect your water source from anything that you may encounter that could tamper with or steal your water source. A thumbnail port in the middle of the door allows cable or hose access so that you can lock the door but still tend to other matters around your campsite. The inlet hatch is UV resistant, which means it won't fade away in the sun or show its age. White in color, it will look like new many years down the road. If you're not a fan of white, you can also paint it. The hardware needed to install it is included so that you can set it up as fast as possible and get back on the road. The overall dimensions of the hatch are 7 5/8" wide by 6 1/2" high and the dimensions of the cutout are 5 7/8" wide by 4 3/4" high.

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  • Lockable hatch door
  • UV resistant
  • Hardware included
  • Cutout Dimensions: 5 7/8" W x 4 3/4" H
  • Overall Dimensions: 7 5/8" W x 6 1/2" H
  • Paintable
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