RV Furniture Replacement Power Lift Chair Remote Control

  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control
  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control
  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control
  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control
  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control
  • Power Lift Chair Remote Control


Your power lift chair is what gives you freedom and independence, not to mention convenience and ease. For many people, getting up out of their chair can be a struggle. While you're on vacation and in your home, you don't want to struggle just to sit down and stand up again. If you've found yourself needing a bit of help doing this, the powered lift chair is a terrific solution. Plus, with the comfortable fabric, supportive fill, beautiful color, and durable inner mechanisms, you'll feel like a king or queen on your throne. This ability to move up and down to help you into or out of your chair is controlled through the remote control attached to the couch by the cord. If the remote control is broken, though, it could put an end to all of this comfort and convenience. If it has stopped working, you don't need to fear, however. With our selection of furniture replacement parts, you can find just what you need to get your favorite piece of furniture up and going again, including your powered chair. You won't have to deal with a broken chair and you won't need to go out and buy an entirely new recliner chair. With this replacement remote control, you can go back to enjoying that power lift you love.

Made in the same model as the original remote control, it has the 64" before stretching cord as well as the 5-pin connectors that help you connect it to the couch and stretch it to move it around. It comes in the same black color as the one that came with your chair and with this consistency, you won't even realize it's a different piece. Just remove the old remote from the socket and replace it with this newer remote!

You don't have to get rid of your favorite piece of furniture just because it has stopped working. Come and stop by our furniture replacement parts and get your new remote control, giving you the ability to relax in comfort again. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Replacement remote control for power lift chair
  • Cable approx. 64" before stretching
  • 5-pin connector
  • Color: black