RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 9.5k Quiet AC Unit with Optional Heat Pump and Remote Control, Non-Ducted

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  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner 9.5K BTU with Plenum And Remote.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner 9.5K BTU.
  • RV non-ducted air conditioner 9.5K BTU measurements.
  • RV non-ducted air conditioner 9.5K BTU plenum measurements.
  • Air conditioner features. Aerodynamically designed for low air drag. UV stabilized shroud. Durable construction.
  • Quiet and efficient. Very low decibels compared to competitors. Low amp draw. Includes remote control.
  • Low power usage. Max power draw of 14.6 amps. Max wattage of 1590 watts. Cooling rating of 12.6 amps. 6.93 EER.
  • Easy to read LED display. High speed fan. Easy to remove and clean air filter.
  • Quiet operation. Low speed is 51 decibels. High speed is 54 decibels.
  • RV non-ducted white air conditioner 9.5K BTU.
  • RV non-ducted white air conditioner side profile.
  • RV non-ducted air conditioner 9.5K BTU plenum and remote.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner 9.5K BTU.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner side profile.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner bottom.
  • RV non-ducted air conditioner plenum top.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner with no shroud.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner with no shroud.
  • RV non-ducted black air conditioner with no shroud.
  • Roof mounting bracket and gasket.
  • RV non-ducted white air conditioner 9.5K BTU with Plenum And Remote.
  • RV non-ducted white air conditioner 9.5K BTU.
  • Hand holding remote with wall mounted holder.
  • Air conditioner remote.
  • RV non-ducted air conditioner plenum bottom.

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Going on a road trip to visit all the amazing sights in this country sounds like a perfect journey for the summertime. Even a weekend stay at a local campground gets you away from the world long enough to relax and enjoy the warm sun and season. But sometimes, though, it can get a bit too warm. The sun can feel a bit more oppressive than relaxing and the humidity can make you feel like you're always sweating. To combat this, some people use a roof vent fan. While this helps get the air out, it doesn't help too much in keeping your rig cool. Of course, you could bring along a box fan, but that takes up precious space. Instead, you can use an RV Air Conditioner. With an air conditioning unit in your RV, you can increase the air circulation while adding temperature controlled air to your RV. Now, what often happens when you have an RV AC unit is the unit is loud, it drains a bunch of power, it doesn't work all that well, and it's not as powerful as you would have hoped. To help you have a great vacation while avoiding these problems, we have our line of RecPro air conditioners. They're powerful and have amazing temperature quality, while keeping the power draw and noise level down. If you're needing an AC unit for your RV or van conversion, then you're in the right place.


Our 9.5k RV Air Conditioner measures 22 5/16" wide by 39 7/16" long by 8 3/8" high for the outer unit and 21 1/8" wide by 21 15/16" long by 1 1/16" high for the inner plenum unit. The small size allows you to take full advantage of the air conditioner while not sacrificing as much in the way of roof space or interior ceiling space. Because it fits a 14" by 14" space, it can directly replace a 14" by 14" fan. The body is made of a lightweight UV stabilized polypropylene material that helps it to withstand tough conditions. Available in both black and white, this non-ducted air conditioner fits in nicely with any RV design scheme. In addition to being attractive, durable, and space-efficient, it also comes with removable screen filters for easy cleaning and replacement, which helps to extend the life of the unit.

The AC unit has several functions, including cooling, dry, fan, auto, clock and timer, sleep, and lock. These can be accessed from the remote control mainly, however, the inner plenum unit has a touch screen display for using the basic AC features. The LED displays are easy to read and understand, with an increased functionality to add to the convenience. The filters are accessed through this plenum unit, making maintenance simple and easy. Within this space, though, you're not going to need to worry about shouting over the AC unit. The low decibel readings of 54.7 mean that you can relax to a gentle whirl rather than the sound of a leaf blower on your roof.

The maximum power input of this unit is 1590 Watts and the maximum current is 14.6 Amps, leading to an energy efficiency rating of 5.97. When you are installing it, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the roof must be able to support the weight of the unit (about 65 pounds). Second, the roof needs to fit within the available thickness of the unit (between 1" and 3 3/8"). If your roof is thicker than this amount, then a thick roof kit would need to be installed as well. Third, the AC unit should be installed in the center of the roof and facing the front so that it can have an even amount of airflow. Finally, the angle of inclination for the AC unit shouldn't be more than 5" and the rear of the AC shouldn't be higher than the front. When you are installing this unit, we recommend at least 2-3 people for the job.


 Technical Data                          

  • Power supply: 115V/60Hz
  • Refrigerant charged: R410A/430g
  • Rated cooling capacity: 9500BTU/H
  • Input needed for cooling: 1370 W
  • Rated current for cooling: 12.6 A
  • Maximum power input: 1590 W
  • Maximum Amp Draw: 14.6Amps
  • Startup Amp Draw: 14.6Amps
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 6.93
  • Maximum design pressure: 600PSIG
  • Minimum design pressure: 236PSIG
  • CFM (high speed): 235
  • Installed weight: approx. 68 pounds
  • Recommended wire gauge: 12 AWG or larger
  • **Air conditioner performance may diminish while driving at highway speeds, up to and including Error Code E5. If problem persists, reduce vehicle speed.
  Houghton Competitor A Competitor B
Power Demand      
Approx. Full-Load Amps/Cooling 12.6A 15.5A 17.9A
Cubic Feet Per Minute 235 320 300
dB Indoor High Speed 54.7 dB 67 dB 68 dB
dB Indoor Low Speed 51.4 dB 59 dB 61.2 dB


Why choose this model? Well, the answers are simple and numerous.

  • This isn't just a cheap rooftop AC unit. Unlike other models that are made of cheap plastic that has been molded to shape around the unit, these are made from high-quality, tough plastic built to withstand what life throws at it. In warmer climates, other models of air conditioning units can melt from the heat. Not this one. Built tough and built durable, this AC unit will last you through a good many adventures.
  • The remote that is included with the model allows you to control the temperature and settings of the unit from the comfort of your couch. Are you worried that you'll lose it? We've thought of that, too. Along with the remote is a wall carrier for the remote. Simply place it in an easy to reach location and rest the remote in it. The digital display on the inner plenum unit of the air conditioner allows you to control it without the remote as well, just in case you really do lose the remote.
  • There are many amazing features on this RV AC unit, however, one of the best ones is the drying mode, which runs the fan at a higher speed to cycle more air throughout your RV, allowing moisture in the air to condense on the coils and drain off so you can have cool and dry air.
  • The second amazing feature to pay attention to is the temperature monitoring system. If you like to leave the AC unit on while you sleep, you can often wake up to a freezing room. Because our bodies are naturally cooler when we sleep, leaving on the air conditioner can make your morning feel like ice. To prevent this, the air conditioning unit has a temperature monitoring system that senses the temperature of the surrounding air and adjusts to accommodate whatever temperature you've set it to, keeping you comfortable even through the night.
  • Most RV air conditioning units blow the air from the top unit through the space between them and out of the bottom unit without a tube to control the air. With the air moving around in the space between, it loses some of the temperature quality and cleanliness. With the directional tube in this model, the airflow is controlled to provide optimal temperature quality and cleanliness.
  • The low amp draw on this model enables it to not only keep your energy use lower than other models, but it allows you to use more than just the AC unit at one time. For other models that have a higher amp draw, you have to think about how many appliances are on that circuit, as the circuit breaker can only handle so much. With the low amp draw of this model, however, you have more room for other appliances. Saving you power and frustration, it's definitely the best model for energy efficiency.
  • Because of the directional air tube, the high-quality design, and the efficient cooling and temperature control system, this AC unit produces air that is of very high quality. Temperature and humidity-controlled for your desired environment, you can feel the difference with this model.
  • Perhaps the most important feature of this air conditioning unit is the noise level. Many of the models that come with your RV are loud and a bit obnoxious. Even those that you replace it with can be loud enough for you to notice it. This model, however, only produces 54.7 decibels of sound when on high. For reference, that's about as loud as a gentle rain; not loud at all. With this low sound level, you can relax in your RV, have a conversation, or watch your movie, all without competing with the AC unit.
  • Another huge advantage of this RV air conditioner is the optional heat pump. Other air conditioner models on the market use heat strips, which are not very power efficient and do a poor job of heating the air. The heat pump in our air conditioner is both power efficient and effective at giving you warm air. The heat pump will pull in cold air and cycle it until it reaches the set temperature, where it will then pump that toasty warm air out into your RV, unlike heat strips that simply blow cold air over a heating element and push the air out before it has a chance to really warm up.

RecPro RV Non-Ducted air conditioner 9.5K Non-Ducted plenum measurements.

Air conditioner features. Temperature control for up to 400 square feet. Powerful Cooling Power. Low amp draw.


  • Outdoor unit dimensions: 21 1/2"W x 39 1/2"L x 9"H
  • Plenum (ceiling assembly) unit dimensions: 22 1/4"W x 21"L x 2"H
  • Direct replacement for 14" x 14" fan
  • Use a minimum of 12 gauge wire for installation
  • Colors: black and white (both black and white colors have a white interior plenum unit)
  • Non-ducted
  • Come with removable screen filters that can be cleaned and replaced
  • Remote control with cooling, dry, sleep, and timing functions (stored inside AC unit display for protection during shipping)
  • Optional heat pump
  • Ultra low plenum design and streamlined canopy design
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Easy to remove and clean air filter
  • Lightweight UV stabilized polypropylene chassis and canopy able to withstand tough conditions
  • Low amp draw allows for limited amps or generators in operation
  • Low noise
  • Decibels:
    • Indoor High speed: 54.7
    • Indoor Low speed: 51.4
    • Outdoor: 67.9
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • If the roof's thickness is greater than 3 3/8", you can purchase a thick roof kit to suit your unit
  • Minimum roof thickness is 1"
  • Best installed on a flat roof - less than 5 degrees inclination
  • *Make sure to create a tight seal between air conditioner unit and the roof. A poor seal can lead to the compressor cycling on and off
  • *Do not include a wall thermostat
  • *Does not work with other brand wall thermostats
  • *Will not control the furnace, only the air conditioning unit
  • *Fan will run continuously

Supplementary heat will not work below 30°F. It is a secondary heat source and should not be the primary heater.

** If installed on a curved/mesa/grooved/otherwise not smooth and flat roof, you may need a frame or filler for the gaps as well as sealant. Any modifications to the AC unit itself will void the warranty **

**This AC Unit is not intended for marine use.**

*This AC unit requires a minimum 2500-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service. Using a lower-rated generator may cause difficulty when starting the AC unit or may require a soft starter.*

*It is recommended to use a 3000-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service.*

**Because of the delicate nature of the circuitry that is exposed to the elements and the upper limit of amp draw needed to work, the ACs will not function above an outdoor temperature of 122°F. Be sure to always check the weather ahead of travel and park in the shade when possible.**

RecPro RV Non-Ducted air conditioner 9.5K Non-Ducted measurements. 


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