Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent

  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
  • Door Bed Pop-Out Trailer Bed Towable Tent
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Space is an important consideration when you think about what you want in your RV. From the furniture to the appliances to the bedding, you want something that gives you function as well as space. For the bedding, in particular, sometimes, you just can't find a good place inside your RV to put such a space-consuming piece. To fix this problem, we offer you a solution: put the bed outside. No, not in a tent; in a pop-out bed. Whether you're trying to fit in bedding for a family or are just running low on space, this Tow-Able Pop-Out Trailer Bed Tent is the solution for you.

In pictures, you see the elegant and incredibly-designed RV interiors that make the bed the center of attention. For most people, though, that's just not practical. Placing the bed in the center of the room takes up valuable space, is hard to move around, and can be crowded and cramped. Placing the bed in a pop-out gives you that much-needed space while still letting you sleep in peace. Without having to worry about bumping your knee on the bed frame in the middle of the night, you are better able to move about your RV and get to the things you need. Perfect for families with children or having guests over, having pop-out RV bedding can be the difference between a cramped space and a roomy camping cabin.

Convenience and Ease
Having a pop-out camping bed is convenient all around. Along with saving you space and frustration, it's also easy to use and maintain. To use it, simply unlatch the door from the sides and lower it into position, letting the cables support the metal door. Move the bed tent cover into place and add the mattress in there. Then all you need to do is make the bed! To put it back up, simply move out the mattress, undo the tent cover and lift the door back to the side of your trailer, latching it into place. The cover is easy to clean as well, detaching from the frame. It's also water-resistant, keeping your bed dry and letting the water simply run off. With the pop-out tent cover, you can have the feel of sleeping outside without the bugs, weather, or ground discomfort of sleeping in a tent. With the windows that can be zipped closed, you can have the choice of watching the sunrise outside or closing the panel and sleeping in the dark of your trailer. On a warm summer day, you can even get a cross-breeze going.

Great for giving you a sleeping space without taking up living space, this Tow-Able Pop-Out Trailer Bed Tent is the perfect addition to any RV or mobile home. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Dimensions: 80" W x 60" H
  • Dimensions: 81" W x 46 3/4" H
  • Door Colors: White, Gray, Champagne, Oyster, White gel coat
  • Tent Color: White/Gray
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Folds down from the trailer sidewall with an attached canopy
  • Hinge with aluminum snap cover
  • Round corners
  • Hinge location: bottom
  • Single door
  • 2 door latches