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Winter Project Series #1: Replacing a Golf Cart Windshield

December 09, 2015

Well, winter is upon us. The short days and cold temps are a sure sign that we have reached that time of year when most of us have locked up the boat, golf cart, or RV and moved on to other interests. But rather just stuffing your toys in the garage and forgetting about them until the snow melts, winter is a great time to focus on maintenance and improvements. It is in this vein that we here at RecreationPro are debuting the Winter Project Series, in which we will attempt to relieve the winter doldrums by highlighting DIY project ideas and maintenance advice from those in the boating, golf cart, and RV industries.

For the first in this series, we’re showcasing a few demonstrations on how to replace the windshield on your golf cart. Dirt, sun, and time can all take their toll on an acrylic windshield, and replacing a foggy or damaged windshield is an easy and affordable way to make your cart shine. Below are a couple videos that demonstrate how to install a windshield on two of the most popular golf cart models.