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How to Amp up Your Golf Cart on a Budget

September 07, 2017

If you own a golf cart, you already have an intimate understanding of how useful they can be. Whether you’re playing the back nine with friends or checking out the local trails, your golf cart is a fantastic way to get around. However, there are actually a number of attractive and useful upgrades you can install on your golf cart to make it even more convenient and fun to drive, including adjustable LED lights, windshields, rear seats and more. Unfortunately, many of these accessories and improvements can cost a pretty penny, which often makes the process of tricking out your cart pretty difficult, especially if you’re tight on cash already. Luckily, with the help of a reputable and affordable provider, you can transform your standard cart into a ride that turns fellow golf cart enthusiasts green with envy.

Here at RecPro, we take pride in offering unrivaled deals on everything from golf cart accessories and lights to RV exterior parts. We import some of the finest name brand products around, including items from Yamaha, Atwood and SHURflo, not to mention the exceptional vehicle parts and accessories that we develop and manufacture ourselves. We also buy direct and warehouse large quantities, allowing us to offer the best prices and fastest shipping in the industry. Above all else, our goal is to provide you with all of the information and support you need to unlock the full potential of your vehicle of choice and enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest. Today, we’ll be introducing you to a few awesome upgrades you can use to amp up your golf cart without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Golf Cart Seat Kits

Golf cart seat kitOne of our most popular seat kits is the
RecPro™ Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit. It contains all of the high-quality materials and parts you need to install a stylish and comfortable rear seat that’s designed for safety and functionality (no drilling required). The seat’s frame is made entirely of sandblasted coated steel, making it lightweight, strong and 100% resistant to rust. Most importantly, the rear seat of this kit can hinge down to create a flatbed for hauling various types of cargo, making it a fantastic choice for golf cart owners who use their vehicle to haul equipment or supplies around.One of the biggest drawbacks of golf carts is their limited passenger capacity. In most cases, you’ll only have enough seats for two riders at best, leaving the rest of your traveling companions in the lurch. That’s where the golf cart seat kit comes in. This upgrade allows you to install a rear seat on the back of your golf cart, making it possible to safely transport up to four people without spending a mountain of money on an entirely new cart.

Adjustable LED Lighting Kits

Golf cart lightsGolf Cart WindshieldsAnother huge downside of conventional golf carts is their lack of lights. There’s nothing worse than being forced to end your ride early due to lack of sunlight, especially when you’re in the middle of carting around equipment. Fortunately, you can pick up special LED lighting kits that are designed specifically for golf carts that don’t have lights. For example, our
Club Car DS Adjustable LED Light Kit features powerful LED headlights and LED taillights, as well as new and improved wiring connectors and tapered holes for maximum convenience and a professional aesthetic. This kit fits all gas or electric DS cart models (1993 and up) and includes all of the parts and instructions (along with templates) you’ll need for quick and easy installation.

Golf Cart Windshields

Without windshields, any significant amount of rain can wreak havoc on the plans of golf cart riders. Nothing puts a damper on the day faster than getting drenched with water in the middle of a ride. And just to exacerbate things even further, forgoing a golf cart windshield leaves you and your passenger completely vulnerable to errant insects and random bits of debris (that always seem to be drawn to your face and eyes). RecPro’s high-quality windshield kits utilize incredibly durable and impact-resistant acrylic, and they can be used to modify both gas and electric carts. Best of all, these kits feature all of the hardware you need to install them and get back on the move regardless of the weather or conditions.

Upgraded Golf Cart Hub Caps and Panels

Golf cart diamond platesStainless steel panels are another primarily cosmetic upgrade for golf carts, but it’s impossible to deny their visual appeal. These small, eye-catching accents of diamond plate steel can do wonders to enhance your cart’s sense of class and style. If you’re interested in keeping your golf cart looking fresh with a panel upgrade, then be sure to check out our full selection of diamond plate and stainless steel plate accessories. These pieces are made from high-quality materials that won’t bend, flex or dent easily, and they can easily be installed in under five minutes.

golf cart hub capsIt’s amazing how much of an impact a new set of hub caps can have on the overall aesthetic of your golf cart, especially when they’re paired with a fresh paint job that complements the new hub colors. Granted, upgrades like this don’t offer much in the way of utility, but they’re incredibly effective at turning heads and cementing your ride’s luxurious feel. When considering which hub cap colors to choose from, we highly recommend going with chrome. It’s an elegant and stylish color that really pops without being too garish or overshadowing the rest of your cart. Our Golf Cart Hub Cap Wheel Covers are 8” pieces that work with almost any brand’s stock wheels, including Club Car and Yamaha. They can be used on both gas and electric carts, and they snap into place within a few seconds, making them very easy to install and clean.