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RV Industry Headed for Record Year

December 04, 2015


Less than a decade after the great recession nearly wiped out the U.S Recreational Vehicle industry, manufacturers are predicted to sell a record number of RV’s in 2016. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association predicts that 369,100 recreational vehicles, which includes motorhomes, travel trailers, truck campers, and folding camping trailers, will be sold by manufacturers in 2015. This number represents a 52% increase from five years ago, and is over twice as many RVs as was sold in 2009, the worst year of the recession.

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association Data Chart Graph RV Sales Figures


Perhaps even more impressive are the predicted numbers for 2016. A recent Bloomberg Business piece stated that RV manufacturers stand a good chance of selling 400,00 units next year, a number that would break the record set in 2006 and stand as an industry milestone.

The strong growth of the RV industry in recent years has been credited to a growing economy and low interest rates for financing. These same factors, coupled with consistently low gas prices, have pushed RV ownership rates to record highs as well, with 8.9 million American households currently owning a recreational vehicle according to a recent RVIA study.


Recreational Vehicle Industry Association Website with Sales Numbers

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