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Winterizing Golf Carts - Protecting Your Batteries From Freeze Damage

October 19, 2015

It’s officially Fall, which for many of us means it’s time to start thinking about storing our carts over the winter. I came across this great video on the Youtube channel that explains the hows and whys of a winterizing technique for golf cart batteries that they call the “Double Charge Disconnect”. The video can be seen below.

To summarize: batteries should be taken inside over the winter. If this isn’t possible and batteries are to be left outside or in an unheated structure, several precautions should be taken to prevent them from freezing.

  • Inspect all battery cables
  • Check battery water level and top off if necessary
  • Make sure batteries are fully charged. CustomCarts recommends running through two charge cycles back to back.
  • Make sure the key is in the OFF position, put the cart in tow mode if available, and disconnect the main negative and positive terminals.
  • Disconnect any accessories that could draw power from the batteries.