Unknown Benefits of Tiny House Living

Unknown Benefits of Tiny House Living

If you’ve been paying attention to pop culture in recent years, odds are good that you’ve heard of the “tiny houses movement.” It’s a relatively new architectural trend where individuals and families are electing to live in small (and sometimes portable) homes to save money on housing and avoid falling into debt because of spendy down payments, maintenance and repairs. A home is considered “tiny” if it is 250 to 500 square feet or less. At first glance, many people scoff at the very idea of this lifestyle. After all, how could spending your time in such a constrained and uncomfortable space possibly be worth the trouble?

Because RecPro specializes in the production of recreational vehicles, we have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of living in small spaces. Whether you’re considering investing in a tiny house or an RV, there are some massive perks to foregoing standard housing in favor of these smaller and simpler living spaces. We all understand the obvious benefits of living in a tiny home, including a lower price tag on heating, cooling and property taxes. So today, we’ll be discussing five of its lesser-known advantages.

1. Small Houses Are Easier to Clean

Most of us get so caught up in finances and amenities that we forget about how challenging our new living spaces will be to clean. Bear in mind that more space in your home means more surfaces to polish, dust, vacuum and mop, which is why smaller homes are so much easier to maintain and tidy up. When you have a limited amount of space, you can’t cram it full of trinkets or junk. And if there are things that need to be put into storage or discarded, you can’t just throw them into an unused room and forget about them. As a result, you’ll have fewer things to organize or toss out when you need to clean.

2. Small Houses Are Cozier

Depending on how many family members or roommates you have, normal homes can feel exceptionally empty. A house with three bedrooms and two floors seems like a great idea at first. How could more room ever be a bad thing? That’s when you start to realize how lonely a large space can feel when there aren’t enough voices and smiling faces to fill it. One of the many appeals of tiny homes is that they exude warmth, coziness and closeness. Family members can’t shut themselves away or ignore each other for days on end in small homes. And whenever you want to cook or settle down and pop in a movie, you’ll be doing it in the company of loved ones.

3. Mobile Small Homes Will Never Tie You Down

When you purchase a conventional home, you’re investing thousands of dollars into a structure that can’t be moved, effectively chaining yourself to it until you can find another buyer. If a new job opportunity arises or if you want to move closer to a loved one who lives far away, you’ll be forced to choose between staying put, paying for two properties or beginning the arduous task of selling your current home. With a small mobile home, relocation is effortless, granting you the freedom and control to live in any city, state or country you prefer. In most cases, all you need to move one of these houses is a large trailer and something to pull it with. Of course, you’ll still need to purchase a new piece of property to place it on, but that process is much easier than searching for and evaluating completely new houses.

4. Small Homes Are Better for the Environment

Did you know that tiny homes are greener than normal houses? That’s because they produce less waste, use less energy and don’t consume as many resources compared to their larger cousins. It’s imperative to start reducing our carbon footprint if we want to provide future generations with a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful planet. Investing in a tiny home is a simple and effective way to protect our environment, mitigate wasted space and save substantial amounts of money at the same time.

5. Small Homes Can Help You Prioritize

It’s easy to lose yourself in the constant pursuit of the latest and greatest technology and toys. Many of us fill our homes with unnecessary gadgets, decorations and goods, spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars every single year on objects and items instead of people and social experiences. With a tiny home, you’re forced to sacrifice many of these extravagances to make space for essential provisions. Consequently, owning a smaller home will help you to prioritize which possessions you truly need to be happy and thrive. It’s no wonder that many tiny homeowners state that their quality of life and overall happiness improved after they left their old residence behind.

Start Living Small With RecPro Today

If you’re interested in living smaller by purchasing a recreational vehicle or transforming your current RV into a superbly comfortable and homey abode, then be sure to get in touch with RecPro as soon as possible. We offer an extensive selection of RV products, including furniture, tables, seat kits and accessories, everything you need to make your vehicle into a tiny home on wheels. We even create RV party lights in a wide range of sizes and colors, allowing you to set the perfect mood during RV outings and social events. We buy direct and warehouse a large number of products to ensure that we can offer the best prices and the fastest shipping.

Dec 27th 2017

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