Top 5 RV Renovation Projects

Top 5 RV Renovation Projects

If your RV is feeling a little dingy and fails to spark the same joy in you as it did when you first got it, then it may be time to renovate your RV! Renovating your RV is a straightforward way to make it feel fresh and new, ready for the many adventures that lie ahead of you. Even better, there are a ton of different ways in which you can change up your RV, tailoring it to your particular wants and needs. Read along, and you will learn about our top 5 RV renovation projects!


A fresh coat of paint can make anything look and feel as though it is brand new! Your RV is no different and can benefit significantly from a new paint job. Many RV interior and exteriors will be white, either by paint or by wallpaper. White is a neutral color, meaning that it combines well with primary and secondary colors. However, white wallpaper and paint on your RV can also be the cause of a few problems. In particular, it can make your RV look dirty and dingy. A spec of dirt or a faint smudge on the wall sticks out far more easily on a white background than it would on a background of a different color.

White also tends to be seen as very standard. Its bright uniformity can feel uninteresting, uninspiring, bland, and uncreative. Despite these weaknesses, the typical white interior and exterior paint job of your RV has a few benefits!

Because it is a neutral color, you can use nearly any color in tandem with white or replace the white entirely. This will be an excellent project for those with an artistic disposition, as the white background gives you the chance to create your own designs and color combinations! If you are less inclined to artistry, you can simply cover up the old paint with a new coat of your chosen color and shade.

Perhaps you are not interested in messing around with paint? No need to worry! You can decorate the exterior of your RV with a variety of different stickers, decals, and magnets to give it a more subtle styling. On the inside, you can opt for using wallpaper instead of paint. Wallpaper can come in a vast array of colors, shades, designs, and more!


If you are satisfied with the paint job that your RV already has but still feel as though it is missing something special, then you may want to consider some new flooring. Over time, the flooring that comes with your RV can start to wear. It can get scuffed, stained, gouged, cut, ripped, and a number of other issues. Sprucing up your RV by putting in new flooring is a great way to spice up your RV with a brand new look!

RV flooring most often comes in the form of vinyl. This is a lightweight, durable, and flexible material that can stand up to the test of time. Vinyl flooring can also come in a stunning array of different colors, patterns, and designs. Many RV owners opt for vinyl RV flooring with a wood-style pattern. Wood patterned RV vinyl flooring can match up with the various other aspects of your RV, such as the trim, paint, and cabinets. Depending on the style of the rest of your RV, wood-patterned RV vinyl flooring can give your RV an air of elegance or a more rustic appearance and is easy to keep clean.

Vinyl is not your only option either. Instead, you may want to consider choosing carpet for your new RV flooring. Like vinyl, RV carpets can come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to find one tailored to your tastes. Carpet can also feel great on your feet and does not get super cold like vinyl does. However, carpet flooring is a bit more tedious to keep clean.

TPO flooring is another fantastic choice to consider. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) flooring is a type of rubber flooring that has its own variety of advantages to enjoy. Like vinyl, it is easy to clean. Unlike vinyl and carpet, this rubber flooring is resistant to tearing, scratching, and peeling. This lends it incredible durability, so you will not need to worry about having to replace it any time soon.

RecPro will be happy to help you shop for vinyl, carpet, and TPO RV flooring that you will love.


If painting and installing new flooring isn't your thing, then consider putting in some new furniture. RV furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes, with a ton of other purposes. Like anything that is used often, the sofas, seats, tables, and chairs in your RV are susceptible to wear and tear. Sofas and chairs, in particular, are prone to tears and stains. They can also become more and more uncomfortable as the padding gets squished down over time.

You can quickly discover a wide selection of different kinds of RV sofas and chairs here at Some of our RV sofas and chairs are made with leather, while others are made with fabric. Our sofas and chairs can give you incredible comfort during your adventures no matter what style you choose. New furniture in your RV such as this not only provides you with far more comfort but can lift up the appearance of an entire room!

Happy with the sofas and chairs that you have? Do not worry; RecPro has even more to offer. Take a look at options such as our bunk beds, dinettes, side tables, and more! The right chair or the perfect side table can make your RV feel even more like a piece of home.


The lighting in your area is just as vital as the furniture, flooring, and paint job. Bad lighting that is too harshly bright or too dim can make even a luxurious room look like a train wreck. Changing your light fixtures out for something better is among the easiest ways to renovate your RV, as well as one of the most affordable.

As with your beloved RV's many other aesthetic aspects, lighting fixtures can take on many different forms, designs, and styles. Are you looking for something elegant? Why not check out a sconce-style LED wall light with some beautiful patterned glass from RecPro? Perhaps you prefer simplicity over style. Then consider changing out your current lighting with simpler fixtures like a small surface-mount RV LED light, which can provide you with plenty of light combined with a more subtle design.

Consider getting a dimmer for your RV as well. A dimmer is a small and simple addition to the lighting of your RV that can have a significant effect on the atmosphere. Using a dimmer allows you to change the amount of light that your fixtures emit gently. If you want it bright, it can be bright. If you want it dim, it can be dim. Check out some of the lighting options and fixtures we offer here at!

Personal Touches

When it comes down to it, adding a few small personal touches to your RV is among the simplest, most affordable, and easiest ways to spice up your RV. A personal touch to your RV can come in a wide range of forms and gives you a ton of freedom when it comes to styling and design.

For example, something as simple as a rug can help brighten up the room in your RV, and there are nearly limitless options and designs for rugs. Is your RV kitchen looking a little barren? A few plants here and there can liven it up and git your kitchen or more welcoming feeling! Or perhaps you need something that helps you feel a little cozier at night? In that case, you can consider adding in some new bedding and pillows that will make you feel like you are back at home when it comes time for bed. Curtains and artwork are also great ways to jazz up your RV windows and walls, giving it a much more lived-in vibe for a warm and welcoming environment.

There are countless ways in which you can improve and renovate your RV; all it takes is a little bit of time, thought, and creativity. These top five tips for renovating your RV should help make the process easier! If you want to start doing some renovations for your RV, RecPro will be happy to assist you!

Dec 29th 2021 Corey Johnson

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