Three Basic Foods Transformed Over a Campfire

Three Basic Foods Transformed Over a Campfire

After a long day of outdoor adventures there are several ways to unwind, but sinking down in a folding chair with a drink in hand and warming up around a campfire is pretty hard to beat. Nothing fits in better at that moment than some good food, so why not use that fire in front of you to warm up a hearty meal? Below are some key ingredients and recipes for transforming basic dishes into new delicious campfire meals.


Try some cheesy roasted potatoes. A campfire twist on a traditional potato side dish. Your ingredient list consists of potatoes, butter, garlic, and cheese. Dice the potatoes and place them in foil with some butter. Allow the potatoes to sit over the fire for 35 to 40 minutes. Open the foil and check with a fork to see that they are soft and entirely cooked through, at this point add minced garlic and cheese. Put the foiled potatoes back over the flame to finish. This is a great campfire side dish along your meat for dinner or your scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Hot Dogs

Try some curly crescent dogs. A simple but enjoyable dinner for all involved. Your ingredient list includes hot dogs and a package of crescent rolls. Wrap the crescent roll around the hot dog and roast it until the dough is cooked and the hot dog is warm. As simple as it sounds this recipe takes about 10 minutes, this ensures that your dough is cooked all the way through.


Try some campfire blueberry orange muffins. While the recipe may sound a little out of the ordinary it is something you will want to try. Your ingredient list consists of oranges and blueberry muffin mix. Stir up the bowl of blueberry muffin mix according to the ingredients on the box. Then, cut the oranges in half and scoop out the orange flesh. Leaving two empty orange halves. Throw away the orange flesh or use it to make some orange juice! Now its time to fill one of the empty orange halves with the blueberry muffin mix you have prepared. Cover this filled half with the other empty orange half. Now take this orange and wrap it in three layers of aluminum foil. To bake the muffins just throw them into the fire, literally into the center of the fire is fine. The orange peel will insulate the muffin mix from burning. The orange peel itself might blacken a little, but the mix in the middle will turn out steamed. Keep turning the aluminum balls over and over in the fire, every minute or so. It usually takes about 10 minutes, you can pull the oranges out and check them once in awhile until they are firm in the middle. Then unwrap your oranges and eat the muffins with a spoon!

Jan 10th 2018

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