The RV Industry is Lying to you and Here’s Why…

The RV Industry is Lying to you and Here’s Why…

The RV industry is wrong. At least, they’ve been misleading you in the way you live your RV lifestyle. The way RV companies’ market toward the consumer is by seasons. This is how it breaks down:

  1. Spring – RV companies know that this is the “money season” and they begin their marketing push to get everyone even remotely involved in the RV world to buy a new RV, or to spend money upgrading and repairing their existing unit.
  2. Late Spring - Everyone and their mother has begun a mad rush getting parts for their RVs and trying to get their rigs into repair shops.
  3. Late Spring/Early Summer – The waiting begins. Times for repairs and upgrades can take consumers out beyond the 4 th of July holiday and usage of their RVs won’t even begin until mid-summer.
  4. Mid-summer – Because so much time has been taken getting your RV ready there’s a push to get your rig on the road and get in as much use before the Labor Day holiday.
  5. Labor Day – Summer is over (unofficially) and it’s time to store your RV until next Spring when the vicious cycle continues.

This is how it goes for most RVers year after year. Labor Day hits and all of the RV world goes into a sort of hibernation, because that’s what they’ve always been told to do, until the next Spring when the land begins to thaw out after a long freeze and people begin dewinterizing their rigs. That happens and you and your family fall victim to the RV industry treadmill. We here at RecPro want to change that mentality. Welcome to 365 RV.

Having an RV is a year-round proposition. Your home away from home doesn’t stop existing once the Summer season is over. Just because you shut the doors to your garage or storage unit (or you leave it outside covered with a tarp) doesn’t mean it’s in stasis. It’s a living and breathing being that needs your care and attention throughout the year to remain viable. Why would you burn six months of the year waiting for the next season when you could get so much done with your RV? We don’t understand it either. That’s why we here at RecPro are going to change the way the industry thinks; one customer at a time. We’re starting with you. Right now you need to re-wire your thought processes when it comes to living the RV lifestyle.

Labor Day should no longer signify the end of the RV season when you shutter your rig. This should become the beginning of the repair and upgrade season. Here’s why:

  1. RV Companies traditionally have more sales to drive product they have trouble moving this time of year, which is a slow-season they themselves caused! By starting all of your projects now, you can take advantage of extra deals that you may not see during the Summer when sales are hot.
  2. Fall and early Winter are the perfect time for Do-It-Yourself projects. The weather is cooler which makes working outside easier than working out in the blistering heat of the Summer.
  3. RV shops don’t have 4 weeks plus wait times to get your RV repaired like they do during the Spring and Summer months. If you have a repair that is beyond your capability, getting your rig into the shop after Labor Day is relatively easy.
  4. Instead of waiting until Spring to start the repairs and upgrades that will chip away at your active RV season, get everything finished in the Fall! That way, when Spring hits, you can kick the tires and light the fires!
  5. “Snowbirds” waste time getting their rig ready for the Winter season trying to get too much done during the Summer months which, again, are costly when it comes to wait times. Work during the Fall and your Winter travels can start without worry.
  6. Three words: Fall Foliage Tours.
  7. Football Season is for tailgaters. Tailgating with an RV is exponentially more fun with all of your amenities close-by, instead of trying to pack it all into your SUV.

There is a myriad of reasons to treat your recreational vehicle like part of the family year-round. Even if you only live the RV lifestyle part-time, or you own your RV full-time. Why not take advantage of the manufactured “off-season” for RVs, and get ahead on repairs and upgrades to your recreational vehicle. Start now so you can get the jump on Spring.

Don’t just RV part-time. Live 365 RV.

Sep 12th 2018 SD Shank

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