The Hunter's Perfect Base Camp

The Hunter's Perfect Base Camp

Hunting season is one of the most significant times of the year for many. During this time and this time only, hunters are permitted to go out and participate in this long-standing tradition. Depending on the hunter, this could be a weekend excursion or a more extended expedition. Either way, a good base camp is imperative to a successful hunting trip. A good base camp has food, a place to rest between pursuits, backup supplies, extra gear, and a stockpile of potentially useful goods. This article will examine the benefits of using an RV or camper to set up a hunter’s base camp.

Applicable RV Features for a Hunter’s Basecamp

Not all RVs are made equal; in fact, there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to recreational vehicles and their capabilities/functions nowadays. There are many options to suit a variety of needs for different folks. In the following sections, we will examine some of the features that are beneficial if your rig will be functioning as a hunter’s base camp.


Camper Van Parked Over Desert

Given the nature of hunting expeditions, these trips typically occur in remote and isolated areas, which often means poor road conditions or a lack of roads altogether. Suppose you plan to use your rig for a hunting base camp. In that case, you should consider its maneuverability and whether or not it will be able to handle the conditions leading to your preferred hunting locale. First, think about your hunting style and skill because these can determine where you will go hunting. Some hunters prefer private, small-scale game reserves, while others take to the Great wilderness where nothing is guaranteed.

You don’t need to worry too much about maneuvering obstacles and rough terrain if there are paved roads and gravel parking spots. For most hunters, though, this is hardly true. Ground clearance should be considered, as well as the overall size of the rig in terms of length, height, and weight. Another critical factor to consider is whether the vehicle is separate from the living quarters, as would be the case for travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and truck campers, or if the vehicle and living quarters are one, as would be the case for motorhome types A, C, and B.

Fuel, Water, and Waste Storage Capacity

Suppose your hunting trips fall under the “extended expedition” category mentioned earlier. In that case, onboard storage capacity for essentials can be the determining factor of what’s considered a good basecamp rig for you. The amount of fresh drinking water you can bring and the amount of wastewater you can store, along with your rig’s energy generation and storage capabilities, can directly dictate the length of your stay off-grid.

Pay attention to the water tanks’ overall capacity, including freshwater, gray, and blackwater tanks. There is usually an option to install a larger tank if you are worried about the current capacity of any tanks. Be mindful of the ratio between the freshwater tank and the gray and black water tanks, as used water needs to go somewhere.

If power needs are significant for your basecamp rig, consider adding a generator or solar array to supplement your power supply. If you are setting up basecamp, you won’t have any hook-ups to plug into, so you will have to supply your own power or live without it.

Food is another limiting factor in your stay length and hunting time. Most RVs have some sort of cold food storage option, but consider whether this will be enough, given how you get your game back home. Whether you send your meat in for processing or do it yourself on-site or at home will make a big difference in your cold storage needs. Some RVs may have space and power for additional cold storage to be added, while others are already filled to the brim with accessories and have little to no energy left to spare.

Additional Hauling AbilitiesRV And ATV In The Woods

Beyond hauling your hunting gear and necessary living supplies, you may need a rig with additional hauling capabilities. This may be the case if you have an ATV or side-by-side, horses, or a boat that you would plan to bring along on a hunting excursion. Toy haulers are motorhomes with a garage; these can be a good option for hunters who bring along certain small engine accessory vehicles or non-motorized sports equipment along with them. Some hunters may prefer a separate trailer for their large gear; if this is the case, hauling capabilities are an essential consideration.

Living Quarters

Consider whether you need any extra sleeping space in your basecamp rig. How many people go hunting with you? If you go hunting in a group, does everyone usually handle their own accommodations? Asking these types of questions can lead you to finding a better rig for your needs and intended uses.

Bring the Essential Supplies

If you utilize your RV for a hunter’s base camp, it should function as everything from a hardware supply store to a bed and breakfast. To achieve this, you need to know how to prepare properly. Keep reading for more info!

RV Maintenance Items

If you are taking your RV off the beaten path, so to speak, you should be prepared for potential breakdowns and difficult roads. You can read more about what to do in the case of a roadside emergency in your RV here. For difficult roads, it may be worth carrying a fully-loaded rescue kit along on your travels. A rescue kit would include a winch, ratchet straps, a small shovel, and even a chainsaw or ax in case of fallen trees in the roadway.

Hunting Gear

If you’re going on a hunting trip, it should go without saying that you need to bring along your hunting gear. There should be a secure way to carry your weapons and ammunition somewhere in your rig. You may also be able to bring along extra supplies, target practice tools, and gear cleaning supplies. This could be another reason a toy hauler with a built-in garage would come in handy!

Hunter And His Dog Walking Into The Woods

Have you ever used an RV as base camp for a hunting trip? How did it compare to times you went hunting without an RV? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

Oct 20th 2022 Molly Muhs

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