The Glorious World of Glamping

The Glorious World of Glamping

Face it. If you didn’t want to have a luxury feel to your RV camping experience, a tent, sleeping bag and a fire might be all you need. But, you’ve opted for comfort. How much comfort is a personal decision. But there are options that make the RV experience more in tune with the lifestyle of your choice.

Choosing from a list of amenities includes the practical as well as the “just because.” Some of the choices RV buyers have on the practical side includes exterior awnings, automatic entrance steps, leveling jacks or an automatic leveling system, rear-view camera and a generator. Making the “just because” list is options like a washer and dryer, slide-outs to increase livable area, a four-door refrigerator with freezer, an automatic ice-maker and solar panels, to name a few.

Like the rest of the world, access to technology is one of the most sought-after amenities an RV owner and RV family want in their rig. WIFI capability is a must-have these days and the same is true for those who are on the road in their motor-home or travel trailer. GPS and access to maps software will make navigating down the highway to the next great adventure easier and limit the number of wrong turns and missed exit and entrance ramps.

But high tech doesn’t have to be limited to your RV’s navigation or operation; it also helps keep the family entertained and keep you from missing that important college football game when you’re at the campground. State-of-the-art entertainment systems are popular both inside and outside of the RV.These include flat screen televisions (more than one to accommodate family viewing habits), home theater systems, satellite television receivers, high-quality speakers and gaming systems.

Moving the party outside is another feature that people enjoy. A kitchen area accessed outside of the RV unit and one that combines both entertainment hookups with an outdoor kitchen is a luxury that has a worthwhile purpose. RV kitchens don’t always offer lots of space, so an outdoor kitchen is a way to supplement limited quarters, especially for those who enjoy dining well with family and friends. Add to that a television or home entertainment package, and everyone will be happy and content out in the woods, at the lake or anywhere under the stars.

One way to gauge whether the amenities you want in your RV are a sound decision is to follow the advice of people who rent out their RVs. One of the extras requested by potential renters is a nice bathroom, preferably one with a separate shower and toilet. The wet-dry bathroom cabinets are not an option for everyone, depending on the class of RV you own. And, if you are upgrading the size and scale of the indoor bathroom, why not make it nice?In this case, aside from the essential fixtures, a little attention to décor can create that relaxing, refreshing bathroom experience even in the middle of the desert, the mountains or all points in between.

When it comes to comfort, better quality mattresses, recliners, and sleeper sofas are both a good long-term investment and a bonus for relaxing after a long hike, mountain bike trek or tough day on the water. If you’ve spent more than a few hours sitting around a campfire on a folding chair or, worse yet, a nearby log, then you’ll appreciate the “ahhh” factor a soft, upholstered chair can bring.While that comfy recliner won’t help the campfire seating, it will give your bones a soft place to crash at the end of the evening.

When it comes to catching your daily dose of Zzzz's, the better the mattress, the better the sleep, isn’t simply a mantra. The same care you put into selecting the mattress of your choice at home should be put into selecting the mattress inside your RV.Exploring the Great Outdoors can be rough on a person’s muscles, bones and joints. A mattress that provides the comfort and support you need is a much-appreciated luxury you’ll be glad to have.

Slide-outs are another feature offered in some models that add a big bang for the buck. This feature adds to floor space, eliminating the cramped, caged-in feeling some people experience when moving from a multi-bedroom house to an RV. With room to relax, room to stretch out and room to claim personal space, a slide out could reduce family friction. Space is an important commodity when it comes to living in an RV and slide-outs are worth the investment.

Just as in a house, the finishes you select or use in renovations to your RV are a way to upgrade the living area. Having a plethora of cabinet storage, full-size appliances, high-end finishes like granite for your countertops and ample counter space is always in demand. If your space is limited, opt for smart storage solutions to make the most of what you have. Splurge on the upgrades you can’t live without and be creative with what you have left.

Other RV amenities make life on the road easier by easing the labor needed to keep things operational. Add-ons such as electric awnings, a high-pressure cleaning system for black water tanks, heated storage compartments, and heated storage tanks make less work and worth the cost. Who wants to spend extra time setting up camp or tending to frozen tank contents when there are more entertaining and fun things to do? Automating basic camp set up tasks gives you more time with the family, one of the reasons you choose to embark on this RV ownership experience.

Although there is no “must have” list to suit everyone, at least there are options to make the RV lifestyle more enjoyable.When shopping for your dream RV, ask if some of these upgrades and amenities are available.If you have your eyes locked on a used model, consider upgrading what’s there. Just like remodeling a home, upgrading the interior with better furnishings, adding more storage and other changes will make life within much more enjoyable and give you a better return when you sell it to upgrade to a bigger model.

Lois Tomaszewski is an award winning journalist and former newspaper editor.

Oct 5th 2018 Lois Tomaszewski

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