Securing Your RV From Pests Vol. 5 - Winter and Winter Pests

Securing Your RV From Pests Vol. 5 - Winter and Winter Pests

We’re wrapping up this blog series on keeping pests and rodents out of your RV by giving you some tips on how to keep it pest-free all winter long. Summer unofficially comes to an end soon. Behind that, fall will start creeping in. Before you know it, your rig will be covered in the white stuff.

While the snowbirds out there might head south for the winter, many of us choose to keep our RV in storage during the colder months. There are plenty of different storage suggestions and methods to use when it comes to safely storing your mobile home. But, don’t assume just because the weather is cooler, pests can’t get inside.

So, what can you do to prevent a pest or rodent from sneaking into your RV while it’s in storage? Follow these simple tips. If you do, you’ll come back to a clean and (more importantly) uninhabited rig next Spring.

Get Rid of All Food Items

This might be the most obvious, and certainly the easiest thing to do, but you’d be surprised how many people leave a box of crackers in their RV and find it’s been munched on through the winter!

Get rid of all fresh fruits and vegetables - these will attract bugs no matter what time of year. Any opened boxes or canisters of food should be brought inside or thrown out, too. If you have sealed plastic or metal containers, they’ll likely be safe from pests and won’t attract anything.

Be sure to remove any standing water, too, especially if you have an ice maker.

Seal, Plug, and Cover

The best thing you can do to prevent pests from getting into your RV is to block as many openings as possible. Some entrance-blocking tips include:

●Plugging sink drains

●Investing in insect screens for the furnace and hot water heater

●Keeping toilet seats down

●Turning off propane tank

●Tightly sealing windows and doors

Before you say goodbye to your RV for the winter, do a thorough check underneath it and around the outside, too. If you see any noticeable gaps, it’s important to seal them up as much as you can. Foam sealers that expand when sprayed work really well to fill up any cracks or openings!

Create a Barrier with Pest Powder

You can buy certain repellents in the form of powder. These work for things like ants and roaches who might be trying to find a warm place to hide this winter. All you have to do is sprinkle some of the powder around your RV and the tires. Keep in mind that you should only use products like these if you don’t have pets who could get near the powder and ingest it.

Use Natural Protection Options

Just because you’re storing your RV away doesn’t mean some of the natural solutions we’ve listed in our previous blogs won’t work! Combine some of those solutions to keep your mobile home free of mice, spiders, and more this winter.

We hope this series has given you some helpful tips when it comes to keeping uninvited pests and rodents out of your RV. No matter what time of year it is or where you’re traveling, these tips and tricks can help to keep pesky intruders from hitching a ride in your home on wheels.

Aug 27th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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