Optimizing the Space in Your RV

Optimizing the Space in Your RV

Whether you use them for small road trips, temporary housing, or long-term travel, RVs offer a comfortable and luxurious experience. Unfortunately, it’s easy for your vehicle’s interior to become crowded with trinkets, furniture, and other objects, forcing you to forgo upgrades due to lack of space. Here at RecPro™, we put immense value on making your RV adventures as fun and exciting as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you optimize space in your RV and make room for new features and activities.

Step 1: Toss Out Unnecessary Items

This is probably the most difficult step in the guide, so we’re getting it out of the way first. Grab a piece of paper, find a writing utensil, and walk through your RV’s interior to make a list of which objects and components you can throw out. This can be very challenging for some owners, particularly if their outdated or unnecessary items hold sentimental value. Bear in mind that you don’t need to throw anything in the trash. You can always gently package your items up and store them in your garage, attic, or any other storage space you can find.

Even still, parting with mementos is never easy, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend or family member for help with this important task. An objective pair of eyes can help you sort through what has to stay and what can go. It wouldn’t hurt to have an extra set of arms to assist you with moving large furniture or objects either! Just be sure to treat them with a meal or a favor to show your appreciation.

Step 2: Invest in Interior RV Upgrades and Accessories That Save Space

OK, so you’ve cleared out all of those unwanted and unneeded items from your RV. Well done! Now it’s time to see if you can store, stack, or hang what’s left to make even more room. Do you have multiple beds that are occupying too much floor space? Stack them up and make a bunk bed! Tired of sleeping on the same surface every night? Then put your mattress in storage and invest in a high-quality recliner chair or two. Can you sneak little hooks on the inside of shelf doors to hang small kitchen objects? Look into using velcro, magnets, storage pods, and racks to store your items in convenient locations. There are plenty of creative RV storage tricks that are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly effective, so go online and explore your options for a bit. Fortunately, installing storage space is usually pretty easy, but you may have to reach out to a local handyman for more complex upgrades.

If you’re looking for new RV furniture, strongly consider pieces that offer additional storage space. For example, we sell Espresso Faux Leather gaming ottomans that feature storage compartments underneath their seats. These models are easy to clean, superbly comfortable, and are completely assembled before they ship out. Do some shopping online to find the best colors and styles for your vehicle’s interior.

Step 3: Consider Using RV Bumper Boxes and Basement Storage

Believe it or not, you can actually put metal storage boxes on the back of your RV. These are fantastic spaces for keeping metal tools and other hardy objects. You can also install sliding drawers under your RV to create “basement storage.” Most users place cleaning supplies and ropes or tow cables in these units to minimize interior clutter. Check out this link for more information on these invaluable RV storage upgrades.

Step 4: Install External Lights on Your RV

Enjoying outdoor activities near your RV at night becomes extremely difficult when you don’t have external lights. You can use portable lights to mitigate this issue, but these units take up a substantial amount of space and force you to haul them in and out of your vehicle every night. Mounting lights on your RV’s side is a great way to illuminate the nearby area while saving valuable space. Here at RecPro™, we offer waterproof RV 6' LED Awning Party Lights that last for tens of thousands of hours. Best of all, they don’t need to be taken down or unplugged every time you open or close your awning, making them a useful and convenient addition to your RV.

Enhance Your RV With RecPro™

If you’d like to invest in more upgrades and accessories for your new and improved (and incredibly spacious) vehicle, then take a look at our products page to explore the incredible selection of RV items that RecPro™ offers. We provide unbeatable deals, the fastest shipping possible, and free same-day shipping on all orders made before 2 PM.

Dec 27th 2017

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