Make Spring Cleaning The Kickoff To 2022

Make Spring Cleaning The Kickoff To 2022

There is one thing we can predict about winter. It doesn’t last forever; only until March 20 according to the calendar. With winter winding down and spring just around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about spring cleaning your RV or camper.

There is something cathartic about dusting off the winter staleness and opening to the freshness of spring. It signals a change in mood and builds excitement for hitting the road in our rigs. Just as the rooms in the house are dusted and cleaned and heavy winter clothes packed away, RVs need the same treatment. If you haven’t been traveling for the last several months, its time to gather your cleaning supply and begin tackling this task.

The first step is to gather the supplies needed to start deep cleaning the inside of your motorhome or camper. Restock what is needed to wash away winter. A multi-purpose cleaner is a good choice for most of the inside cleaning. Specialized cleaners for kitchen and baths are also helpful and make cleaning more efficient.

Make sure your cleaning products are suitable for all surfaces and avoid any harsh detergents that could damage the finish. Don’t use cleaners containing bleach on fabric or porous surfaces or on any seals.

Tools you need for the job include a sponges or rags, buckets, scrub brushes, a broom and dust pan. Using a squeegee on tile walls or windows is a helpful tool that makes a tedious task more efficient. A vacuum for the interior spaces is also helpful in picking up dust, debris and clearing away any cobwebs.

Before you start cleaning, open the windows and doors to allow fresh air into the space. Collect all the soft surface furnishings – blankets, pillow, seat covers and cushions, etc. – and shake the dust out. It wouldn’t hurt to wash what you can, hang these on a line in the yard on a sunny and breezy day or simply put these in for a tumble in the dryer on a low setting. Toss in a scented dryer sheet and these décor accessories will be freshened up. Remember that fabrics absorb odors more easily than hard surfaces, so even if these items are clean, there still may be a funky smell after months of no use.

For the curtains that are difficult to take down and carpeted floors, a vacuum is the tool to use. Try some of the attachments that come with your vacuum to find the right tool for your task. These specialized tools can get the dust out of corners, remove surface dirt from fabrics and furniture and even tackle crumbs and debris in cabinets and inside drawers.

Approach this task with a room-by-room plan. Start at the front or the back and move from task to task in order. When dusting start high and move downward. Don’t forget to dust behind electronics.

As you clean, discard expired products, such as personal products, cosmetics and medications in the bathroom and food products in the pantry and cupboards. Keep a running shopping list to replace any of these expired items if needed. Don’t forget to check your first aid kit at the same time and list any supplies you need to replenish. Saying you’ll do that later may mean you will forget to resupply the kit before your first trip.

As you move through the cleaning process, remember to replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Change or clean the filters in the air conditioner unit and wash the overhead fan blades.

Perhaps you want to add some new decorative touches for this year’s camping season. Once the cleaning is done, you have a clean slate to add these fresh touches. Some simple changes are to replace towels, sheets and other linens. Throw down a new runner in the kitchen or a new welcome mat at the door. Hanging or displaying photos from last year’s adventures lets you reminisce about last year and gives you a reason to look forward to this year’s fun-filled future.

Spring cleaning has been a tradition for centuries. One early reference is from the 1800s, when cleaning became a springtime chore so the soot, grime, dust and debris from fireplace use could be scrubbed off the interior walls. Throwing open the windows to air out the inside was best done in spring when the weather was warmer. As you clean your RV, you will be sharing in this long-time tradition. Fresh air and a fresh space will match your outlook for fresh adventures when winter thaws and you hit the road again.

Feb 21st 2022 Lois Tomaszewski

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