Lifestyle Hacks for the RVer

Lifestyle Hacks for the RVer

Life on the road is great but the things we take with often don’t fare that well. There’s often broken glasses and plates, spilled food from containers and other nuisances that be a damper on the fun. Coming up with ways to keep the finer things in the cabinets as safe as our passengers is a challenge. Luckily, others have thought of solutions.

Life hacks have become popular to help people get more out of life, whether it is saving money, renovating a home or fulfilling some other need. It is defined as: a strategy or technique adopted to manage time and activities in a more efficient way. The same is true when applying hacks to RVing. Here are some hacks to make the RV lifestyle a little more carefree. Keeping supplies in their place, finding places to store stuff, and sprucing up the décor can make the journey a little more pleasant and organized.

Eliminating breakage

  • You’ve taken the time to organize your cabinet shelves and RV storage drawers only to find the contents strewn about in a haphazard way after arriving at your destination. One easy way to prevent this disarray is to put in non-slip liners.
  • Even under the best circumstances, glasses break. While you can opt for a plastic one, enjoying local wines at your campsite call for a bit of fanciness. Using drink cozies over glasses will keep the glasses from being damaged when the terrain gets rough.
  • To make use of your wine glasses, you need wine. Make sure bottles are equally protected by using mesh sleeves or fashioning your own out of bubble wrap. Reusable bags designed to carry bottles is also an option as the portioned bags keep the bottles from banging into each other. Just make sure the bag itself is properly secured to prevent the bottles from falling out.
  • Put bungee cords to use in securing cabinet doors and drawers. A looped-end cord works well for cabinet doors and the hook end cords can be attached to drawer handles to secure. Make sure the bungee cord is the proper length to make the most difference.
  • Another handy device to help keep things secure is using a tension rod inside cabinets or shelves to hold objects in place. These rods have multiple uses – from securing canned goods and boxes to hanging curtains. Think of it as a guard rail for your stuff; it functions the same way a guard rail on a bunk bed does.

Space savers

  • That space is at a premium in a camper or RV is not a surprise. One way to cut down on clutter is to use collapsible bags in place of hampers or waste baskets. Use it while it’s needed in camp, then collapse it down and store away.
  • Put high school geometry to use and select storage containers that fit the space. Round containers leave a lot of unused space behind when stacked on shelves or in drawers. Square or rectangular ones will fit into the confines of the cabinet better.

Not so hidden storage

  • Think about those areas in your rig that can be used to store items you will unpack after you arrive at the next location – the oven for example. You can pack away the items you put out on the counter when you arrive or those things that are used elsewhere that need to be secured while the RV is in motion. Just make sure that anything stored in the oven is removed before it is turned on.
  • And the kitchen companion to the stove is the sink. Create more counter space when you need it and a cover over things you store in the sink when it is not being used. It is relatively easy to make a cutting board style of covering that will fit over the sink or even over the stove. Simply measure the opening and have the board cut to those dimensions. If you intend to use it as a cutting board, do not use plywood and make sure the board is sealed with a food-safe product.
  • The shower is also an unappreciated storage option. Hang a tension rod in the shower to hang damp clothes or serve as an extra closet. This is especially useful if you use the campground showers and not the one in you RV.

Safer Environment

  • Let the light shine in those underlit areas with a simple push. A few push lights in darker areas such as corners or under cabinets can improve the lighting in the RV for tasks and overall.
  • The stairs on an RV are designed for one purpose, egress in and out of the rig. At night, navigating the stairs can be a little treacherous. The simple solution is to add strips of glow-in the-dark tape or paint a stripe on the treads. This will help people see the treads and prevent falls.
  • Do the awning supports have a target on your head? Use pool noodles to cushion the metal awning strut so that your skull has a softer contact with the mechanism.


  • Don’t overlook the laundry staple of long ago – the clothespin. You can use these devices for their intended purpose, drying laundry, or use them to seal packages, post notes or reminders, and secure packages or trash bags.
  • While you’re at it, keep a clothesline nearby too. Hang laundry out to dry, including just used towels, swimsuits and other clothing. It can be used to string up a tarp or to tie things down when on the road.

Changing décor

  • Want to change the pattern of the bench cushions of your dinette? Forget reupholstering. Simply slip a crib sheet over the cushion. These can be washed easily and changed out as needed.
  • For added privacy, look beyond curtains. Opt instead for window film. This adhesive covering comes in various styles and can add both privacy, personality and a little style without the bulkiness of curtains.

The best thing about lifestyle hacks is the potential to solve problems cheaply and effectively. These suggestions are a lot like opinions; everyone has one and what works well for one person may not be the answer another person is looking for.

If a life style hack works for you, that’s one less thing to frustrate you while on the road. It’s more important to enjoy the RV lifestyle than waste time fiddling with annoyances. 

Aug 26th 2021 Lois Tomaszewski

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