​Kitchen Organization Tips for Your RV

​Kitchen Organization Tips for Your RV

Just like your kitchen at home, it’s important to make the place where you cook and eat on your rig as comfortable and inviting as possible. After all, you’ll want to spend a lot of time there whipping up your favorite meals for family and friends.

It can be a bit difficult on an RV, since space is limited. But, there are tips and tricks you can use in your kitchen area to stay organized, add space, and feel more comfortable moving around without bumping into things. Keep these quick tips in mind, and you’ll love being in your RV’s kitchen that much more.

Use Dishes Wisely

Dishes and cookware can take up more space than most people realize. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize that space, and reduce the need to designate a huge area to the things you cook with and dishes you eat from.

If you prefer the disposable route, you can purchase a paper plate dispenser and mount it to a wall or underneath a cupboard. You fill it with paper plates and pull one out as needed - no need to take up counter space!

If you enjoy using actual dishes, though, you can keep them organized by using dish cradles.Dish cradles keep your plates stacked vertically, giving you as much space as possible in your cupboards and/or on your counters.

Hang Your Cookware

By installing a pegboard somewhere in your kitchen and using hooks you can find at the hardware store, you can create extra space for pots, pans, and skillets. Most cookware comes with hanging abilities thanks to a small hole in the handle. Not only does hanging it from the wall save you space, but it can actually fit into certain design elements, depending on the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Let Your Produce Hang Out

Install a hanging fruit basket or ‘fruit hammock’ somewhere in your kitchen. You can store everything from apples and bananas to potatoes and onions in devices like these, and it’ll save space on your counter and/or refrigerator. It’s also convenient, as you can grab whatever produce you need instantly.

Repurpose Tension Rods

By purchasing some inexpensive small tension rods, you can install them vertically inside a cupboard. Then, you can slide in things like cutting boards, trays, serving dishes, etc. It will keep these things organized and easy to find when you need them. You’ll also be able to slide more into the cupboards vertically than stacking them up on top of each other.

As you can see,‘hacking’the kitchen in an RV doesn’t have to be difficult. Some things are meant for saving space. Other times, all you need is a little creativity. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen is normal, and you’ll be able to impress everyone with your elaborate meals in such a small space. So, you might as well make sure you have the space you need and the overall design that works best for you.

Mar 14th 2018

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