How To Save On Gas For Your RV This Summer

How To Save On Gas For Your RV This Summer

There’s no denying that gas prices are on the rise. With summer just around the corner and road trips on your mind, you might be stressing about how you’re going to afford to hit the highway as often as you’d like.

While there’s not much you can do to change the price of fuel, there are ways you can save money on gas for your RV this summer.

Not convinced? Let’s cover a few tips that will help you at the pumps, so you can get on the road where you belong and enjoy everything those long summer days have to offer.

Check Your Ride Before You Drive

Not maintaining your RV could be a key culprit in losing valuable fuel. If your battery is low, for example, you’re going to end up burning more fuel. Other problems to look out for include dirty air filters and tire pressure.

A simple maintenance check before you hit the road will not only offer you peace of mind but will ensure you’re using your fuel efficiently and effectively. Additionally, you should continue to check your tire pressure regularly while you’re on the road – especially if you’re traveling long distances. If the temperature changes drastically or you’re traveling through different elevations, it can cause the pressure to change rather quickly.

Stay Cool Naturally

One of the biggest fuel guzzlers in your RV is your A/C unit. It can actually reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 25%. Understandably, those long summer trips can get pretty toasty. But, do what you can to avoid using the air conditioning unit on your dash. Open some windows, use portable fans, or stop periodically at rest areas to cool off. Keeping your fridge stocked with cold drinks and frozen treats is also a great way to keep everyone cool and content.

Try to Cruise

Are you guilty of having a lead foot? Maybe you just want to make it to your next destination quickly. Whatever the case, try to avoid accelerating suddenly and rapidly. When you accelerate quickly, you can lower your overall gas mileage by up to 30%.

Instead, try to find a comfortable cruising speed that is within the posted speed limit wherever you are. You might be surprised at how many more miles you’ll get out of one tank. You might also be surprised to find that you’ll still make good time. Speeding doesn’t always get you there much faster when you consider traffic, construction, and road conditions.

Don’t Go Too Far

If you’re trying to maintain a budget this summer, a long road trip might not be the best option until fuel prices come down. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to get creative with your RV. Head to a local campground, instead, or cut your original trip length in half and discover a new place you’ve never been before.

There are plenty of ways to cut back or make the most of your fuel efficiency. Keep these tips in mind this summer as gas prices continue to climb. You’ll save money and you’ll be able to enjoy a well-deserved trip with your loved ones. 

Jun 2nd 2021 Stacey Koziel

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