How to Make More Room in Your Rig: 3 Helpful Tips

How to Make More Room in Your Rig: 3 Helpful Tips

Whether you have a Class A, B, or C rolling own the highway, everyone could use more storage space. Chances are, when you purchased an RV the size you selected depended on your needs.

But, over the years you might start to add more people, more belongings, and more gear to your RV. So, it’s important to know how to maximize your storage space and use everything efficiently.

If you’re getting ready to plan a summer road trip but you’re worried about space, keep these three helpful tips in mind.

1. Make a List of Things You Don’t Use

Are you a frequent RVer/camper? If space is starting to become an issue on your RV, pay attention to the things you don’t use when you get back from each trip. Now, it’s important to keep safety items on board no matter what. But, if there are items (even clothing items) you’re bringing with you each time and they never see any use, take them off of your packing list for your next trip!

You might be surprised at how many things you can ‘unpack’ and leave at home. Even the smallest items can add up quickly and save you space.

2. Get Creative With Caddies

You might already have storage caddies behind your seats or even in the shower, but they are great ways to use the vertical space in your RV all over. Hang caddies on the wall for small items, rather than having to store them in a bin somewhere else. Caddies help to clear up space on the floor or on shelves, so you’ll have more room for other, larger belongings in those areas.

If you’re traveling with your family, everyone can have their own designated caddy to store their smaller items, so there is never any question about where something is. Not only does it save space but it keeps you organized!

3. Budget Your Space

Since the space inside your RV is valuable, budget it the way you would do with your finances. What can you afford to use? You might want to bring certain items with you, but are other items more important?

Budgeting is about letting go of the things that aren’t necessary but still taking up space in favor of something that is more important. For example, if you had to choose between paying a utility bill or paying for Netflix each month, you would pay the utility bill. If you had to choose between a space for your First Aid Kit or your teenager’s gaming system, it’s easy to see which one takes priority (even though it might not to your teenager).

Budget your belongings and the space they take up to determine what is most important. Doing so will help you to have a more practical, useful, and organized RV without feeling as though there is clutter everywhere.

The last thing anyone wants is to feel cramped while they’re traveling. So, keep these tips in mind before you hit the road to make the most of your space.

Jun 29th 2020 Stacey Koziel

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