How to Give Your RV Interior a Refresh

How to Give Your RV Interior a Refresh

It’s the little things that start to annoy you when you start to spend more time looking around. In a house, it might be the wall color or the much loved recliner or even the type of window coverings filtering out the light and ensuring privacy. In an RV, these little aggravations of design can take away from that relaxing retreat you crave.

If the interior of your RV needs a little love and you need a new attitude, there are several ways to brighten and lighten the décor. While the construction of the walls in a house are different than the walls of an RV, you won’t require a team of experts from a home improvement show to tackle these tasks. With a little creative flair and a design direction, that melancholy RV interior can soon reflect your personality and be an oasis from the world.

The first step is to decide which projects need to make the redo list and which can be pushed back to another time. Then, decide on your theme or color scheme. For this, gather inspiration in the way you decorate your house or base it on those special places you have traveled to. If you like the sea and the shore, classic colors of blue, white, and seafoam green. Creams and even light yellows are also common in creating a seaside theme. If the mountains are your go-to happy place, natural colors you find in nature are a good choice, such as greens, beiges, browns and grays. Adding white also makes this color palette pop. If the island vibe is what you crave, tropical colors and bold prints may give you that toes-in-the-sand feeling.

But you don’t have to settle on a “theme.” Instead choose a color combination that works for you and appeals to your personality. Lighter colors will lighten up a darker space and darker colors will make a space warm and cozy. Color can also change our perception of a space, often making it feel larger and more open, especially when painting with lighter colors.

There are several steps to prepping an RV’s walls for a new paint color. Remove any wall paper, wall paper borders or left-over adhesive. Give the surface a light sanding. Clean the surface with a cleaning solution and let the surface dry. Applying a primer is the next step in the process, followed by the coats of paint.

If this seems like a lot of work, which it is, you can opt for a wallpaper. This is an easier option to covering those boring walls and can be easy to apply, depending on the type of product you choose. Some manufacturers are even making self-sticking panels that look like expensive tile but without the weight. These are a good option for a backsplash or other area which you want to highlight.

Or simply pick one wall to be an accent wall. Paint it a different color or use a multi-color painting technique, such as painting stripes, geometric shapes or some other pattern. Another accent technique is to over it in wall paper, or even add wood-look panels for a more rustic look.

Add decorative accessories to your spaces. This can include colorful throw pillows, shiny wall hangings or mirrors to reflect light, or anything that fits your style. Changing the window treatments and bed linens is a quick and easy decorating boost.

Analyze your lighting. Maybe all you need is to switch out the type of lightbulbs you are using in your fixtures. Opting for a soft white bulb instead of a daylight bulb will make the lighting less intense and produce a golden glow. Areas which need more light such in kitchens and bathrooms, the bright light or daylight bulbs are the better choice for any task-oriented activity.

Here are some other ideas that can change the RV décor relatively easily.

  • Think of little details, such as a personalized door mat that will welcome you home and give guests a greeting when they step inside. Even a decal that expresses your welcoming attitude can make a great first impression on guests and make you feel at home.
  • Switch out the cabinet hardware. A fun shape or shiny new door pull can change the look instantly. It can add color to the kitchen and bath, refer to your decorating theme, or simply freshen up the look.
  • Install shelves to help create more space for the things you need. Shelves can be decorative and match the décor. Storage is always a need in an RV. Instead of straight, open shelving, hanging crates, baskets, bins or other containers on the wall to act as shelves adds dimension and solves storage issues.
  • Consider replacing some of your furniture. Changing out the dining chairs or replacing the worn out sofa with a more comfortable and stylish model can change the room. Furniture can be expensive but replacing it strategically – a little at a time – can make it easier on the budget and bring you a fresh outlook.
  • Personalize your space. Display mementoes from your travels. Incorporate your favorite pastimes into your décor. For example, using a fishing basket for storage or fishing rods for curtain rods adds a little touch that makes the space uniquely yours. If you like cows, add elements that make you smile. If you are a gardener, a pretty patio accessory could find a place in your RV, such as a birdhouse for a wall decoration or a colorful garden pot to hold linens.
May 24th 2021 Lois Tomaszewski

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