How To Get Your Tech-Obsessed Teen Excited About Camping

How To Get Your Tech-Obsessed Teen Excited About Camping

If you have a teenager at home, we probably don’t need to remind you of how much time they spend on their phone, tablet, and computer. This is a generation that has no idea what a world without iPhones is (do you feel old yet?).

While technology is great and can do so many incredible things, it’s not always a great thing to see your teen engrossed in Instagram for hours each day.

With summer coming up and many kids already out of school, you might be thinking of ways you can do something fun with your family – like camping! In order to that, though, you need to remove your teen’s nose from their electronic device.

Sound easier said than done? It doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a few helpful tips that will get even the most tech-obsessed teenager excited about the idea of camping with their family this summer.

Pack With Them

Your teenager can likely pack their own bag of belongings for a camping trip. But, if you want to get them excited about going, have a “family packing day” that covers all of the supplies you’ll need and thing you want to bring. Include necessities like a first aid kit and flashlight, as well as fun activities like board games and ingredients for some campfire-friendly recipes.

The more involved your teenagers feel in the entire process, the more likely they are to get excited about it. You know them better than anyone. If you think they would particularly enjoy a specific item or activity, make sure to encourage it during your packing session.

Invite Other People

One of the biggest reasons teens spend so much time on their devices is to stay connected with their friends. They might feel like being away from technology will cause them to miss out on things.

One way to combat those feelings is to invite other people on your trip. They could invite a friend or two that they’re close with. Or, you could make it an extended family event and invite some cousins that are around the same age. Sometimes, it just takes a few extra people to scratch that social “itch” your teens might be feeling.

Highlight the Differences

To show your teens that camping is a unique and unforgettable experience, highlight the differences between things they can do while camping versus things they do at home.

For example, your teen might spend most nights at home in their room with their face glued to a computer. When you’re camping, you can stay up late and go stargazing. Or, plan some specific nighttime activities for everyone. Use lanterns and solar lights to give just enough illumination. By highlighting some of the simplest, positive differences, your teen will start to see that they don’t need technology to be happy.

These are just a few ideas that can help you get started when you’re trying to help your teen see life beyond a screen. Put them to good use the next time you want to go camping, and you might be surprised at how quickly your teen starts to enjoy it!

Jun 14th 2021 Stacey Koziel

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