Helpful Hiking Hints to Keep in Mind Before Your Next Trek

Helpful Hiking Hints to Keep in Mind Before Your Next Trek

Tis the season for long hikes and seeing the sights mother nature has to offer! Whether you're a new hiker or an old pro, it's easy to fall into some common mishaps before we hit the trail. While it might not seem like such a big deal to 'forget' something or let loose on the reigns of the rules for a bit, not being fully prepared for a hike can lead to a lot of problems. It never hurts to have a refresher course in what you need for your trek.

We've covered a few hiking articles before, but you can never be too prepared. What's more, you can never be too aware of any potential problems that could come up - most of which can be avoided! So, before you head out on your first warm-weather hike of the season, keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safe and comfortable for the entire season.

Keep it Stable

There's no way of ever knowing what the exact terrain of a trail will be. Stabilization on a hike is so important, and something that often gets overlooked. It can be far too easy to roll your ankle, which can lead to disaster. Make sure you have boots that work with all types of terrain and carry a walking stick for extra support.

Break in Your Boots

Speaking of choosing the right shoes, it might not be a good idea to go buy a brand new pair of hiking boots and wear them for the first time on your next big trek. Choosing the right boots is important, but what you do after that is equally-imperative. You should take the time to properly break-in your boots on different kinds of terrain. Wear them around the house, go for a walk around the neighborhood, mow your lawn, etc. The more you're able to break in your boots before you 'take a hike,' the more comfortable you'll be. You can avoid getting blisters and reduce the chances of twisting your ankle or not having enough support this way.

Protect Your Skin

It can be tempting to start shedding layers on a hot day when you're on the trail, but you should always remember to protect your skin as much as possible. This starts with wearing the right clothes. Long-sleeved shirts and long, loose pants are your best defense against damage from the sun and bug bites.

If it does get too hot and you want to wear a t-shirt, shorts, etc., make sure you're properly covered in sunscreen. It doesn't take long for the sun to do some serious damage to your skin, so protect yourself against those UV rays!

We hope these simple tips help you to stay aware of some of the most common hiking mishaps this season. We know how easy it can be to forget about things like these (even for those of us who hit the trails a lot!). Staying safe with the simplest of solutions can make for a much more enjoyable experience every time you plan for a long hike.

May 16th 2018

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