Healthy Tips for RV Trips

Healthy Tips for RV Trips

Unfortunately, drive-thru fast food, gas station snacks, and sugary energy drinks have become staples for many RV travelers during long road trips. We know that convenience and efficiency are critical when you have 400 miles of driving to cover in a day. Though that roadside gas station with an attached fast food restaurant seems like the ultimate one-stop-shop for the weary traveler, greasy food and sugary drinks can leave you feeling bloated and jittery during your trip and sick and tired once you reach your destination.

If you find yourself eating out on the road more than you'd like or consuming foods/drinks you wouldn't normally eat for the sake of convenience, this article is for you! Maintaining a regular eating schedule and nutritious diet while on the road really isn't very difficult, especially in a fully-equipped RV, but it requires planning and preparation beforehand. Your wallet and stomach will thank you later!

Open RV Refrigerator Full Of Food

Utilize your RV Amenities

A significant benefit of traveling in an RV is access to a refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances while away from home. These features sometimes get overlooked until you arrive at your destination but utilizing your kitchen amenities while on the road can save you time and money and make your travel experience more pleasant.

If your RV appliances are in need of an upgrade, check out RecPro's wide selection of RV microwaves and RV refrigerators.

Meal Ideas

Brainstorming meal ideas is often the most challenging part of food prep. When you have a long day of driving ahead, it's essential to fuel your body properly for sustained energy during your trip. Sugary drinks and meals can lead to grogginess, headaches, and digestive distress that negatively impact your driving experience. For a better road trip experience and as a cost-saving measure, it's a good idea to prep some healthy meals for your traveling days.


Many have heard that breakfast is "the most important meal of the day." While I can't wholeheartedly agree that any one meal is more important than the others, I recognize the positive impact a fulfilling and nutritious breakfast can have on your daily mood and energy levels. Let's be honest, dealing with traffic isn't going to make your mood any better, so it's best not to start your day in a bad one. Below are a few ideas for easy-to-prepare breakfast options that will kick start your day of driving the right way!

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are a great hand-held breakfast option that can be made ahead of time and frozen, then easily reheated when it is time to eat. I like to keep my breakfast burritos pretty simple by adding potatoes, eggs, meat, and cheese, but you can really add in whatever you want so long as you can wrap it all up! Traditionally, white flour tortillas are used to wrap burritos, but other options, like spinach herb, gluten-free almond flour, or egg-white tortillas, are also widely available and an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions. Check out this delicious Healthy Breakfast Burrito Recipe for some starting inspiration.

Tasty Breakfast Sandwhich

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are another excellent option for a quick, hot breakfast on the road that can be made ahead of time and customized depending on your ingredient preferences. Here's a list of 16 Healthy Breakfast Sandwich Ideas, but keep in mind that some recipes may be a bit messier to eat than others! If you'll be eating on the move, this is especially important.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are an excellent, easily-digestible source of protein and fiber to fuel your body. Making overnight oats is as easy as pouring your ingredients into a jar, stirring it up, and placing the closed jar into the refrigerator. This food blog provides ideas on additional elements to make your morning meal more exciting. Overnight oats can be served cold from the refrigerator or heated up if you prefer.

Egg Bites

Here's an eggs-cellant bite-sized breakfast option for you to try if you haven't already! There are plenty of pre-made options available, which are rated here if you're looking for an alternative that you don't have to make yourself.

Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait is a high-fiber, protein-filled snack option that will keep you full longer while driving in your RV. To make a parfait, all you need is yogurt, fruit, and granola - very simple!

Don't forget the coffee (or tea)!

For me, almost every morning starts with a cup of coffee. I love the taste in the morning, and my body has come to expect a little kick of caffeine before getting started. Even if you're not a regular caffeine drinker, a long day of driving with an early start may call for an exception. Caffeine may help you to stay more alert and focused while traveling, but too much, or caffeine mixed with lots of sugar, can lead to jitters and unstable energy levels. Try to avoid sugary coffee drinks and stay hydrated with water along your travels. Dehydration can cause headaches and sleepiness, neither of which are good for driving.

Tasty Deli Sandwhich

Lunch & Snacks

Boredom can sometimes feel like hunger and lead you to a quick run through the drive-thru. Having lunch and snacks on hand gives you ready-to-go options that you can turn to when the boredom hits.

Deli Sandwiches with Fresh Fruit

Take advantage of your refrigerator space and bring along your favorite deli meats, condiments, and bread to make yourself a delicious sandwich on the road. Whipping up a couple of sandwiches only takes a few minutes, and with the right ingredients, it is a delicious treat every time on the road. A sandwich with a side of fresh fruit is a light yet filling lunch option to have you feeling refreshed for the next leg of your journey.

Drinkable Soup

If you have a lot of ground to cover and don't feel like taking a 20-minute lunch break, drinkable soup is a great option to bring along. You can make your own and put it in a travel mug or buy pre-made packaged options, but either way, you'll easily be able to sip your lunch as you continue trucking on. Bone broths are nutrient-rich, delicious, and easily sippable! Check out a homemade bone broth recipe if you've never made a broth before.

Hard-boiled Eggs with Dried Fruit and Nuts

Eggs are a good source of protein, and hard-boiling the eggs allows you to make them ahead of time. Dried fruit and nuts add some flavor and extra nutrients to this snack. Don't let your hunger distract you from your drive!

Beef Jerky and Cheese Cubes

Easy, tasty, and satisfying! Jerky and cheese is my favorite snack combination for on the road because it's quick and filling, and I love the salty flavor combined with cheese. I prefer my local grocery store's homemade jerky in a variety of flavors, but there are plenty of prepackaged brands available in the snack aisle.

Delicious Lasagna


If you'll be driving through dinner-time, try some of the recipes listed above to control your hunger until you reach your destination. If you'll be eating dinner at your destination, take away the stress of making dinner on arrival by prepping your first night's meal ahead of time!


Lasagna holds well in the refrigerator and can be pre-made so that all you need to do is move it from your refrigerator to a hot oven once you are situated at your destination for the night. I think lasagna is actually better when it has a chance to sit for a night or 2 in the refrigerator before cooking! If I had to choose a dinner following a long day of driving, homemade lasagna with some garlic bread and a glass of red wine would be my top pick! What a way to settle into your new spot.


This is a pretty broad idea because there are thousands of casserole recipes out there, but that means there's something for everyone! Whether traveling solo, with a partner, or with your whole family, casseroles can be made in different size dishes to fit your party's needs.

The Main Takeaway

During long road trips, many people spend way too much money on fast food, eat unhealthy foods they wouldn't normally eat, and struggle through fatigue until they reach their destination because finding nutritional options on the road is difficult. Enhance your road trip experience by taking care of all your food ahead of time. Focus on eating nutrient-dense food that will provide sustained energy levels and find that your drive will be more pleasant. It's no fun to finally arrive at your destination and show up tired and in a bad mood. A little pre-planning, and you'll be ready to enjoy your campsite from the moment you arrive! 

Jun 7th 2022 Molly Muhs

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