GearJunkie Guide to Choosing a Camp Cooler

GearJunkie Guide to Choosing a Camp Cooler

As part of their Explainer Series, outdoor gear review site has come out with a handy how-to for choosing a camp cooler. The article covers the pros and cons of the many cooler options available to campers, including the slew of high end models that have hit the market in recent years.

Rather than giving a breakdown of several specific brands and models, the coolers are broken down into three simple categories:

  1. Basic: The ubiquitous, inexpensive cooler seen at every picnic and beach outing. While these coolers don’t have the insulation or security of higher end models, they are more than enough for the casual camper.
  2. Soft-sided: This category is wide ranging in price, size, and quality, ranging from the common soft-sided lunch box that will cost you a few bucks to some of the newer models that run into the hundreds. The chief advantage of soft-sided coolers is portability.
  3. Heavy Duty: Relatively new to the marketplace, heavy duty coolers feature thick insulation and durable construction. While these coolers tend to be heavy and expensive, they may be worth it if you’ll be heading out on long and/or rough expeditions.

Author Josh Aldridge also provided a handy flow chart:Credit: GearJunkie/Josh Aldridge

Camping flowchart diagram

Check out the full article here.

Jan 12th 2018

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