Camp Kitchen 2.0 - Innovative New Products to Upgrade Your Camp Cooking

Camp Kitchen 2.0 - Innovative New Products to Upgrade Your Camp Cooking

Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t still make great food. In the last few years a whole host of products have been introduced that offer many of the features you would find in a typical kitchen, but built with the durability and portability necessary for a trip to the woods, campground, or festival. Here are few camp kitchen gadgets that will come in handy when the s'mores and beef jerky run out.

Jetboil Genesis

A modern take on the familiar camp stove, the Jetboil Genesis is a two burner, propane powered cook stove that can be folded in half for easy travel. The Jetboil is both powerful and higly adjustable, making it great for quickly boiling water or for gently simmering food. If you need to cook for a larger group, the Genesis has a port that allows another burner to be connected. The unit is also very portable:The entire Genesis Stove System, which includes the stove, frying pan, 5-liter pot, and accessories, all fits into a compact carrying case.

GoSun Solar Cookers

While solar ovens have been around for a while, GoSun has pushed the capabilities of this technology to create a line of impressively efficient and convenient solar cookers. The GoSun Sport is a completely fuel-free oven that uses an evacuated tube desing and the sun’s rays to roast, boil, bake, or fry food in an little as ten minutes. Cooking with the GoSun is as easy as loading the tube with food and pointing the whole setup towards the sun.

While a little bulkier than the other models, the GoSun Grill is great for larger meals with larger cooking tube that the company claims can feed eight people. GoSun is also working to incorporate a suite of new features, such as a battery system that will allow the grill to operate at night.

Biolite CampStove

Rather than lugging bags of charcoal or propane canisters into the woods, the Biolite CampStove allows you to use sticks and leaves around the campsite as cooking fuel. Don’t let the small size of this stove fool you: The CampStove delivers an intense flame, aided by a small fan inside, and can get a pot of water boiling in just a few minutes. An optional grill attachment is also available, expanding your cooking options.

Another great feature is the heat probe located inside, which captures heat energy and recharges the battery. The Biolite can also use this energy to charge low-voltage devices such as phones and iPods which are plugged into a USB port on the side of the stove.

Jan 12th 2018

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