Are Your RV Tires Tired?  Tread Lightly When Checking!

Are Your RV Tires Tired? Tread Lightly When Checking!

Your RV undoubtedly has a lot of miles under its belt. After all, that’s what it’s for. And, any seasoned RV owner knows that keeping your tires in top shape is one of the best ways to travel safely, and ensure lots of miles logged in the future.

But, are you doing everything possible to get the most life out of your RV’s tires? If not, you could be wasting precious mileage. We’re talking about an extra weekend getaway to your favorite campsite up north!

You’re already doing everything else to keep your RV running smoothly, right? Why not add in a few more steps to make sure your tires live a longer life, too?

1. Stay Level

Make sure your tires stay as even and level as possible. You can do this by inflating them to the proper pressure indicated on the sidewall.

When you keep your tires level, it helps them to carry the weight of your rig evenly. If one has lower pressure than the others, it’s taking on more weight and will undoubtedly wear down and give out faster. It’s okay to become a little obsessive about the balanced levels of your tire pressure - it’ll be worth it!

2. Keep Them Covered

The age of your RV tires doesn’t matter as much as how they’re treated. One of the best ways to boost their lifespan is to keep them covered when you’re not driving. Sunlight offers up UV rays that can damage the integrity of your tires. So, while you’re on your sunny summer vacation, you could be slowly killing your wheels!

It’s a good idea to invest in some tire covers you can quickly pop on to block out sun rays and other harmful elements that can weaken your tires quickly.

Additionally, make sure you cover your tires when you’re putting your RV in storage for the winter. The extreme cold can weaken their basic structure, too! You wouldn’t go outside in January without a jacket, so why should your tires?

3. Know When to Replace

If you’ve taken good care of your tires, and you have a handy toolkit on board, you should be able to zoom all around the country on one set for a few years! But, don’t start taking risks just because they seem to look good.

A good rule of thumb is to get your tires changed every six years or so. That way, it’ll be less likely for you to run into a problem on the road. It’s a good idea to get them installed by a professional, but don’t be afraid to ask questions about different types of RV tires and their quality. Do your research ahead of time when you’re considering your new purchase.

Think about it this way - by taking proper care of your tires, you can get over five years of memorable road trips under your belt. You’ll save money, time, and you’ll breathe easier knowing you’re keeping your passengers safe on every trip you take.

Oct 24th 2018 Stacey Blaske

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