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5 Useful Camping Tricks for Your Next Getaway

5 Useful Camping Tricks for Your Next Getaway

1.) Keep Flies Away With Lemon & Cloves

Just cut some lemons in half and stick whole cloves in them to stop flies from ruining your outside meals.

2.) Store Spices in Tic-Tac Containers

Buying spices can get expensive. Instead of getting all new spices for your RV or camping trip, just fill up some Tic-Tac containers for a convenient, inexpensive solution.

3.) Bring a Cast Iron Skillet

The truly all-purpose pan can cook anything. It’s capable of making great bacon, brownies, casseroles, and everything in between so don’t forget it on your next trip!

4.) This is the Last Bug Repellent You’ll Need

California Baby Bug Repellent might be made for babies, but rest assured it works just as well on adults. All natural and no DEET! It also doesn’t have that terrible bug-spray smell.

5.) Use a Ketchup Bottle for Super Easy Pancakes

Not just a camping trick, but putting pancake batter in a (clean) ketchup bottle will save you the mess and make measuring out perfect pancakes a breeze.

Jan 12th 2018

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