5 Simple Tricks to Maximize RV Space

5 Simple Tricks to Maximize RV Space

Regardless of how long your traveling sessions last, one of the most challenging aspects of living in an RV is dealing with limited space. Unfortunately, even the largest RVs don’t have the storage capacity to hold all of the supplies, equipment, trinkets and toys that you’d like to bring along. But with a touch of creativity and strategy, you can optimize your vehicle’s space, allowing it to carry significantly more than you thought it could.

Here at RecPro, we fervently believe that your RV adventures should be filled to the brim with excitement, laughter and incredible memories, not intensive space management. Luckily, our years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality RV products have taught us a number of useful tricks and tips for maximizing the precious space that these vehicles have to work with. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss five of these invaluable techniques.

1. Invest in a Permanent RV Awning Light

Let’s face it, using portable lights to illuminate the space around your RV at night is incredibly inefficient. These units take way too much time to set up and position properly, not to mention the fact that they’re clunky and have the potential to burn inattentive passerby. Worst of all, portable lights eat up a huge chunk of your free storage space, making it that much more challenging to fit your favorite items and gear into your ride.

Unlike portable units, the quality awning lights we offer are safe, durable, convenient and don’t take up any space in your RV. For example, our RecPro™ 16’ LED IP68 waterproof awning light kit utilizes a simple PC mounting channel for permanent installation onto the awning, a feature that allows you to open and close the awning at any time without worrying about unplugging or taking down your lights. Because the kit is designed specifically for recreational vehicles, its lights are covered with a special crystal resin and encased in a second silicone sleeve to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Best of all, this model will shine brightly for 50,000+ hours, covering your campsites in gorgeous light for many, many years.

2. Vertical Space, Vertical Space, Vertical Space

One of the biggest storage mistakes that beginner RVers make is that they don’t effectively use their vertical spaces. We’re talking about adding hooks and suspended containers to the inside of cabinet doors and bare walls to stash medical supplies, backpacks, spare pairs of shoes, small tools and anything else that’s cluttering up your living space. You can even use baskets, velcro pads, suction cups and straps to make good use of all those underutilized vertical areas.

3. Pick up an RV Bumper Box or Basement Storage Drawers

Bumper boxes are essentially large storage containers that you can mount to the back of your vehicle. These are excellent tools for storing spare parts, ropes, tow straps, cables, metal tools and anything else you don’t need to carry around in your living space. And as long as you install a simple hitch extender, you won’t have to worry about being unable to tow other vehicles around.

“Basement storage” refers to the spare space underneath your RV. Of course, this strategy won’t work for every make and model of vehicle, but many RVs can be equipped with sliding drawers that fit neatly onto their underside. Similarly to bumper boxes, you can use these additional spaces to store tools, cleaning supplies, decorations and more.

4. Purchase RV Furniture That Provides Additional Storage

At RecPro, we offer a massive selection of RV furniture that’s sleek, stylish and attractive. One of our most popular items, the RecPro™ Charles Gaming Ottoman, bring comfort and utility to the table. This contemporary piece can easily convert from an ottoman to a gaming chair in seconds and features a handy storage area underneath the seat. This space is perfect for storing remotes, consoles and controllers, making it simple to keep track of all of your gaming gear. Additionally, the Charles Gaming Ottoman is made with high-quality faux leather for durability and effortless cleaning.

5. Purge Your RV Before Each Trip

Before you embark on each RV adventure, walk through your vehicle and make a list of all the items you can do without. Once you’ve taken some time to think through and confirm every item on the list, purge your RV by throwing those things out or tossing them in storage. This step will be challenging for many RVers, especially if they’re fond of carrying mementos and fun gadgets around with them on their travels, but it’s imperative to make sure your vehicle won’t be bogged down with clutter. Feel free to work with a friend if this task is giving you trouble, too. An objective party or two will serve you well here.

Dec 28th 2017

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